Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Are they layers on all the time? At 3 in the morning for example, when there’s no queue, couldn’t everyone just be brought to the same layer? The 2nd layer should just start putting excess people in when the 1st layer gets full.

Can you guys apologize to Incendius? You know… since you saw what happened to Skeram and Stalagg but still allowed it to happy again to Incendius

so you are telling you go out and the majority of people you see are multiboxers do you not have eyes?

This is EXTREMELY stupid that the realms are locked and people are not able to make characters on realms with their friends… WTF where you guys thinking??

I think the layers should evenly divide the playerbase if they are required at all. On my server Fairbanks, layering has pretty much killed LFG in chat. Barrens chat is dead. Im wondering if I just got screwed and the other layer is doing great still…

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Thank you for destroying the server economys permanently so the fair weather resubs don’t have to wait in queue for the one or two months they are back. I’ve spent months stockpiling raw materials, all worthless now. Feels good to be punished for being a loyal sub that actually plays the game.


Incase it was unknown - Blizzard is a reactive company not a proactive one. Instead of using basic thought process to keep things balanced between servers … they literally opened the flood gate for one faction to particular servers, in the hopes that it was only a small amount of players going to that server.

It’s a joke - and the “its not our problem” mentality of Blizzard is their go to for bad design or thought processes. Don’t get me wrong - I love PVP, its why I play on a PVP server. But when you go 49% horde // 51% alliance (with given 1500-1800 players per faction), to 55% // 45% … it completely breaks the server. Especially when this is done overnight.

But it seems their go to is simply … okay we messed up, let’s add layering. Because you know, that didn’t add exploiting and cheating to the game prior.


That the realms were FULL TO CAPACITY?

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, due bunch of bots and inactivate characters my family members are being (locked out) of Fairbanks. We all decided to join together on Fairbanks not knowing that its overpopulated. Now some of them are locked out and can’t enjoy the game. Literally the same day it was locked when the last three of us was about to throw money at you. I got 10 family members wanting to end the subscription and play a different game now. I rather wait an hour to play then not to play at all. WAKE UP BLIZZARD.

I’m not the only one Blizzard, everyone else think its very unethical to do this and please open it back up and manage your servers correctly. Open up more, we are still paying you premium price since 15 years ago. You can afford to open more up.

No actually they dont
But they are too busy being in the realm and playing and not sitting in a queue to bother to come posting here.

If you were trying to transfer on the day it was locked, you damned well knew it had populations issue.

Why are you so angry? My buddy was xfering to be in the guild i created and they locked the server, but he alrdy has 2 chars here and if he can create another char what the hell is the difference if he xfers one instead???


How will the population on mega-servers be handled when TBC drops?

Is there any discussions underway to curb populations back to levels the game was designed for by that time?

Or will temporary measures be taken once it drops, similar to layering throughout Phase 1 in Vanilla Classic? How will this be mitigated in TBC, where leveling is substantially faster and many more people will be max level while populations still may cause massive queues justifying temporary solutions such as layering?

In the immediate situation, if these servers require layers to mitigate queues, why are free transfers not offered off of them?


If i create 10 characters, i can still only take up one slot in the population
I can not log all 10 in at the same time.
AND i was already there.

Transfer adds another account, another body.
If your friend is allowed to transfer into a full server, then they have to let my friend transfer in, and Glinda’s 30 friends transfer in and so on.
And then the whole thing is screwed up worse than before

Your friend is not more important than the people that are already there and can not play due to login queues.
They come first.

If you waited until the day of locks to try to transfer, then you have seriously not been paying attention to the problems going on

Though it is totally unprecedented, i would hope they can take something away from what has happened here and take a draconian approach, whether the forums implode or not, and dictate how many of each faction can be created on a given realm at a time, until the realm reaches a healthy pop, and leave the whole transfer thing DOA for a while.

For example
Server A (PVP) now accepting the 1st 500 Horde and Alliance toons.
and Server A allows no more until there are 500 horde and 500 alliance
Then allow a 2nd batch, etc
(500 being an arbitrary number)
When realm reaches a Healthy full, it is closed until it shows a marked pop decrease over a sufficient period of time

Then no realms become over popped, each realm has a healthy balance of factions etc.

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That would be a good approach, but if they roll servers forward or copy as is, we’ll still have mega servers at launch.

A full phase 1 of layering seems like it would have more impact in TBC than vanilla due to the level squish. But layering seems likely for as long as mega servers continue.

theres was certainly 3 layers on herod at one point.

I picked, in the survey, the option of opening the TBC servers empty
and allowing the option to one time transfer off a classic toon.

That allows for control and prevention of problems.
Because the transfer would of course follow the same restrictions i noted above.

Nah, layering is not a solution.
It is just a treatment for the immediate abnormally aggravated symptom.
Kind of like sore throat meds, they ease the sore throat, so you can function, while the antibiotics take care of the actual cause.

They still have to work on the antibiotics part, but the cough syrup allows us to function while they figure out that part.

All good solutions (good in my way of thinking) result in lots of screaming
but sometimes that has to happen to fix something.

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May have been during initial release?
I know they started with the layers capped real low so things did not implode.

We’ll see how they opt to roll out the servers. I’d hope for a TBC platform, similar to the vanilla platform, along with copies of servers and toons as is.

With the roll out of Classic thus far, I anticipate layers being very likely without Blizzard taking action to make servers the size they are designed to be.

Layering exploiting is back boys…

Get that gold