Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Layering the authentic experience under the rug, one wolf cry at a time.

Sorry, but I agree with layering for us “essential” workers that happen to not beable to play because of all you idiots that can no life the game during the pandemic.

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thank you for avoiding the destruction of this beautiful kingdom of god


VaSt MaJoRiTy~

I been on Grobb since day one, even the people that didn’t RP were respectful and were fairly casual and participated off and on.

That changed when people started flooding the server. Both Horde/Alliance on the server noticed a large change in the server culture and with the attitudes of people there.


Thank you.

Us little guys will only have 1 world boss set of spawns
We dont have a queue problem to contend with.
I think we are OK with that, i know i am fine with it.

It’s only a can of worms if you want it to be and want to make it one in your mind.

wow, they actually listened to us!!

I only need one word to describe my thoughts. But I needed at least 10 characters. This should cover that limit. THANKYOU!

Correction…some of us.

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Thankyou. I think this is going to save many guilds breaking apart.

What I find ironic is how many people are say that this is not Vanilla like while ignoring that populations are much, much higher in Classic. With 2 layers on a server there will probably be more people per layer and still less resources to go around than on a traditional Vanilla server.

Anyone who is quitting over this, GL HF and see you when you come back next week and realise it’s not the end of the world and that others are allowed to play a game they pay for.

How long is this paid transfer lock going to last? I was planning on transferring a character back to my old server…

Yes. Each layer is it’s own entity.

Multiple, one per layer. Wrong layer, no boss. Hop layers for higher chance of getting one.

No, it’s


It won’t =P

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the rest of what i said on that post you quoted me on explained what you are asking about. you literally just keep reading my post and your question will be answered

this is not vanilla like, even though the populations are much much higher in classic. enough idiots are in these forums that the intellectual minority such as myself get drowned out in nothing comments made by the hundreds to thousands of complacent idiots

In the other post, they mentioned it’s the same change that occurred previously. Namely, a 15 minute cooldown on layering.

The layers in Classic aren’t localized. If you’re on the wrong layer, no world boss, no nodes, no world buffs, no AQ event. Layer hop for better farming potential.

Invite to asmon layer

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Spawns are localized by layer. Wrong layer, no joy. Also you can hop to get multiple world bosses =)

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“No layering after first week” - Main Game Director

“Just 2, promise” - Community CM

Why wouldn’t you think it’ll be upheld this time =P