Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Oh ya’ll can bet I’ll be checkin ya out! Lol can’t speak for anyone else tho. I’m committed to Grobb but don’t mind rollin an alt. Doubt they will leave Grobb b/c of hardcore Raiding spots, but I’ll scope ya out & maybe make an alt home for myself. I’ll see who else I can smuggl…bring. :wink:

Alot of angry beneficiaries in this thread complaining about layering.

Sorry guys some of us have to work so we can’t login until after 5pm.


Hey, I am on Whitemane of my choosing. To have blizzard destroy the economy and let people layer hop again is thoughtless at best.

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I thought flying killed WPvP?

That’s interesting. My server now has layering because the free transfers to my server worked TOO well.


Thank you Blizzard Team. Truly appreciate your support on this matter. Thank you.


10/10, good form

The anger coming from some of you… Wow…

Take a break off the computer and look in the mirror

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NO LAYERS. BAN MULTIBOXERS AND BOTTERS. “hi im blizzard and while we say we love world of warcraft, what we really mean is that we dont care that 1 player plays 5 characters at one time. we know that this disproportionately clogs up our servers. however we feel as if banning multiboxers would be unfair to the players that ran all those dungeons by themselves. ahem, we mean, by their 5 characters. anyways, we hope you all understand our desire to make short term monetary gains while a few singular players quintuple their monthly payments at the expense of the gameplay experience for everyone else”


This is great, thanks again @BlizzardTeam.

One thing I will say, personally, is that the Sharding idea that you brought up in the " Addressing Population Concerns in WoW Classic " Post sounds ideal for classic.

This is what Whitemane needed, and it is worth the risk! Although, as I’m sure your diligent team has talked about, this will 100% effect the economy which is why I support Sharding Personally.

(P.S. This isn’t a bad time to try this with the release of ZG and flux in economy via Rep grinding, Kudos :beers:)

You do realize this is not exactly the same as day 1 layering?
There is a cooldown on layer hopping.

As far as the AH prices on BL getting tanked, i tend to think most of your realm will rejoice and revel in affordable flasks

Being that things in vanilla were designed to span zones, i dont know that sharding would work really.
In vanilla, among other things, there are NPC’s that go on walks spanning zones etc.

In sharding, everything is a self contained instance, that spawns as many as needed to support how ever many people there are.
The vanilla world was not built with that in mind

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Posting for Team Sulfuras.

Bring on cheaper black lotuses

Thank you for the update.

Blizzard will you be giving other servers that aren’t high population multiple world bosses or are they going to put at a disadvantage because of the population?

this game is run by idiots who do not understand the fundamental aspects of maintaining a community. layering does not address the problem of multiboxers and botters. you could hire 3 people per server, pay them $15/hour and give them gm tools to observe and ban multiboxers and botters. this would be a net increase in blizzards income due to people not getting shafted after paying for the official game. private servers never had this problem even though accounts were free! you could multibox for free yet they didnt have that problem because the people who ran those servers knew it would be detrimental to all the other players and so they banned them. blizzard is out of touch with what makes this game good. yet they are the only ones with the intellectual license for this game so they couldnt care less if they completely cheat everyone out of their money.

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They are at no disadvantage
They dont exist with anyone but them selves.
I am one of those not high pop people, and i am not at any disadvantage.


How is multi-boxing a problem? They arent breaking any rules.

I am asking will other server be graced with multiple world bosses and how they want to manage this can of worms they just opened. I as well am from one of the high population servers Whitemane.