Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms


What was a 2 hour queue last night on Faerlina was a 5 minute queue at the same time tonight.

Thanks-whatever impact this has on in-game economies will be worth it. I’m so sorry black lotus will sell for 50g less. I hope we all survive it.


More false promises from blizzard great keep the lies coming! I am so excited to see what next will change.

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The population imalances where due to streamer fan bois and zug zug horde. 0 percent of the blame lies with blizzard. Literally from day 1 of launch alliance players have been telling the zug zug this will happen but it falls on deaf ears. Next month after so many people are not on quarantine and ZG isn’t as new, the zug zugs will be crying how these actions were a horrible decision. The moment a server hits a certain threshold it should be flagged as full and no transfers to or new character creations period!

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Thank you for allowing us to play. Hopefully there’s some good follow up to iron out the issues that people have been bringing up.


Since we’re implementing changes, how about mercenary mode to help with BG queues? 2 hour AV queues aren’t fun. I just want to PvP without investing half a night for just a handful of games.

I don’t see how this is different from those who want to skip the realm queue to login to play.

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“And that is as high as we’re going.”

for now***

why would anyone believe this ‘promise’ when bringing back layering is just breaking another one of your “promises”


Its their game they make the rules.

Tough it out or walk.

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That’s a funny way to look at things, of course people are going to be mad about blizzard lying about promises. And this is a forum where they are able to communicate their displeasure.

With this many people some are going to be mad no matter what. Turning on layering, and closing full servers had to be done though. It was the right call because not being able to play is worse than anything else.

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I would think that would be a blessing from Elune and Earth Mother?
You dont want BL and flasks to go up right? i thought you wanted them to come down.

On your realm they are insanely priced, on my realm people step over them and they go unpicked and the AH only has a small amount of them in it.

Now if you want mats for a corehound belt on the other hand, prepare to whip out several 1000’s of gold.

I one hundred percent agree with you mercenary mode is a great idea. Blizzard seems to be remiss about how they want to implement fixes.

You got logged into the realm now go play, there’s 1000 things to go do.
We alliance do not want you fighting on our side.
And your proud horde brethren do not want us fighting on yours.

If you want to fight for alliance, roll alliance, or go home.

Why is there a need for layering right now
You can answer this in less than 4 words.

Next, answer how is that Blizzards doing?

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Times change.

To be fair the layering returned to remove queues it’s not a far leep for mercenary mode to be implemented for the same reason queues.

Do you guys ever stick to anything you say? Seems like you just lie to the players and do whatever YOU want :slight_smile:
I guess that should be expected from Blizzard these days


No one cares. Cya.

More world bosses and you’d have to compete with layer abusing. Great.

Have all the RPers move over here to Deviate Delight. We love you guys.

not really
AV queue has always been jacked
in vanilla the queue for 1 AV could be all day

Queues to log into the game period being multi hour long things
is abnormal

better late then never.

Lol at all the angry people over laying. Oh no the black lotus price OHNOOOOO

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