Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

whitemane saved!

its a miracle


Was until Incendius free transfers opened and the server pop jumped from 2500ish people to 5k over a weekend!!

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oh good time for people exploting mining and black lotus can stock up again


Thanks for killing Incendius first. Great job as usual.

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Please apologize to incendius for turning it into a PvE server and then offering the solutions that would have fixed our issues a week too late.


It was until recently when they opened up free transfers from high pop servers. Now it’s sitting at high. Last time I checked ironforge site it was sitting at just over 6k and that was about a week ago.

You all have worked really hard to destroy communities. I hate this. Please offer free transfers off these realms.


I said a prayer for the layer and God answered like clear of cancer

One free bar for Blizzard

Bye Felicia

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million dollar question right here
no im not being sarcastic

thank you (although the damage is already done, it could have been critical)

LMAO nah, just prefer a PT Server (& friends are there) so it seems that way haha. But you’re right…I got no comeback for a change. Ya got me. Well done.

Look at Susan drop those black lotus prices. Sell. Sell. Sell. Hahahahahaha. Nah. It’s not controlled or anything.


Thank you!

If i realm is not even hitting pop cap, then layering would do nothing, serve no purpose, no one would go to layer 2 when layer 1 isnt even full.

When is the damned AQ event?
Is it today?
Is it next week?
Is it even next month?

Then why are you even worried about it.
If you still have a pandemic when Naxx comes out, WoW will not be your top worry, you will have much more real and pressing worries to deal with.


You already had them, you chose not to use them

Yeah, Blizzard really screwed up by checks notes not anticipating a global crisis unprecedented in modern times.


Is he wrong?

if the game is so ruined then you should probably quit…

I probably will. And I’m sad… and mad.

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