Layers Added to Realms -- Updated 2:00 p.m. PDT June 5

Why can’t players that aren’t on Herod or Whitemane also enjoy playing on their servers during peak hours?

Need answers.

No, you don’t understand the process here.

Once per month a Blizzard employee is assigned a 15 minute period to look at Classic WoW and find and fix any issues. If issues can be instantly fixed, like flipping a switch for layers, they can do so. If it would take longer to fix or investigate, the problem is instead ignored.

Just hope in a month you still have queues so Blizz will notice you too. :smirk:

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All they need to do is flip the layer switch for servers with big queues, like they just did for Herod and Whitemane.

Not sure if funny, sad, or both.

one thing for sure tho, it’s accurate.

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At this time, we’re enabling a second layer for the Arugal and Faerlina realms, in order to alleviate recent, unexpected queues.


Absolute champion, THANK YOU!

Since we’re on the #changes train can you please remove spell batching? It adds nothing to the game except frustration.


These ques are not unexpected. You just keep turning layers off Hoping that the same amount of players with the additional gold farmers and bots flooding in daily will somehow fit on your already overflowing server. Go anywhere with a high NPC count and you will see minimum of 4 bots auto attacking the whole place all day.


Please we need an IsLayeredRealm() added to the client API, layers are changing quite often now and addons have to be updated every time. Can we please just be able to pull from the game client if a realm has layers.

spell batching provides nothing good for player’s experience in 2020. Also, is blizzard ever going to do anything about the number of bots clogging up the servers?

The people (who dont even play on layered realms) but keep saying “just xfer” “no layers” “no changes” are punching air right now.

Prepare for trade chat to be spammed with “LF invite to layer x” all day now…

Could be a two birds with 1 stone solution. Bots would break from the lack of batching.

How can they be unexpected if they’ve been happening for a week?

Thank you. Please don’t remove prematurely this time.

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Just leave the layers in this time. Yes it is a little annoying, but with 10k populations we need the extra resources (herbs, world bosses) to make up for 3x as many players as a vanilla realm had.

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seriously gotta stop with the flip flopping, it hurts the economy. The prices on things where finally getting stable and now they’ll change yet again because of this.

The easier solution would be limit the amount of accounts a player can have on high pop servers and start cracking down on bots, probably save like 1-2K pop on faerlina alone.

Thanks Guys

Please just keep the layers. You haven’t found anyway to fix it so just keep it.