Layering - What am I missing?

It’s also worth noting that another major exploit caused by layering is that you can force layer yourself to simply escape any PVP encounter. Like, poof you’re gone in a matter of seconds. Not even being stun locked can stop you from fleeing.

So like, there ARE serious exploits in the beta at least. Once again, I think if we fix them somehow before live it’ll be fine.

It’s not a big deal. But people are desperate for something to complain about because they have nothing better to do. In 3 months nobody will even remember that layering existed or that anyone once complained about it.

All of these issues were talked about before the beta was even out. The problem is putting in any system that splits the realm apart and allowing players to interact with other players between those splits. The system doesn’t fit well in an mmo unless you play it like a single player game or like being able to exploit to your advantage.

Yes I think most people would find this acceptable and it should be the solution everyone pushes towards.

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You’ll have a 1 in 3 chance to see the same person each time. And if the two of you never log out, you’ll constantly see them.

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I’m going to dress up as Layering to scare kids on Halloween now.

I completely agree that there need to be protections against exploiting, and changing layers should be an annoying hassle.

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Or, you know, because it isn’t the authentic experience that was promised (and creates game breaking exploits).



Logging out isn’t the only swapping time though. Players joining groups and leaving will also be sending players to different layers.

This right here. To know (or to find out later) that something fun is happening on your server, but you can’t join in or even see it… or worse, being randomly removed from it at any time is extremely discouraging to me.

I’m not paying to play the game for the game itself; I’m paying to experience the world with other people. There are far better single person games out there.

I joined the stress test on one of the “high” pop pvp servers (there were 2 when I joined). Once I got out of the level 5 area, there were very few people. Once I got to the Barrens, the world was dead.

I forced myself to play until level cap, but it wasn’t fun. If it goes live in the same state, I simply won’t play; even if it was free, it’s not worth it.

I’m hoping I was on the server that they set layering to super high, for testing purposes. Maybe they can find a sweet spot, but…

The main reason I despise retail is because the world is empty of other people. Why would I support a system that brings that same problem to Classic, for however limited an amount of time?

I’ll take the queues, the competition for mobs, over a bland, empty world.


hence why layering needs to exist only to get people through the starting bottleneck, and be gone by the time we enter disputed territories.

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Aside from people attempting to exploit the system (and yes, they need to make layer changes far more of a hassle) those groups should be fairly stable.

Also, as I’ve said multiple times, making people enter a rested zone to change layers would be a good way to hide that dissonance, because in a rested zone people logging out also simply “disappear”.

No this will happen naturally. Think of all the players on a realm. Think of all the guilds those players are in. Think of all the friends each of those players have. Think of all the players they meet that they might want to play with after. Think of all of the vast types of player interactions in this game. Every single one of these has a chance of mingling with another layer and being transported away from their current one. There’s no way you will be unaware of this happening in some way or another during the first week.

And as I’ve said multiple times it’s a bad idea. For someone new to the game or a returning player this would be very confusing. If you were nowhere near an inn this would be extremely annoying. If you needed to help your friend urgently for some pvp or rare you would not be able to. Please drop this idea it’s worse than all of the current exploits that exist because at least we can ignore those.

If you wanted to stop exploits just mix layering with sharding making 1-20, 20-40, and 40-60 zones overfill into separate layers instead of the same one. New players wouldn’t notice the change and it would solve all the problems layering is meant to solve while also getting rid of exploits and community issues. That way someone wouldn’t be able to go into a high level zone and duplicate items by joining all the low zone layers.

Again, as I’ve said to you, your argument is two-faced.

You’re arguing that we shouldn’t make layer changes a hassle, while claiming that random layer changes will make people quit. Its a clear indication that neither argument is valid and you just want to attempt to shoot down any fixes to layering so you can justify the “not going to happen” demand of removing layering.

Layering will happen. There’s no chance at all that it won’t.

If people don’t get on the track of fixing the exploits by making layer changes more of a hassle, all the problems you claim to dislike will exist.

We’re too far gone to drop layering at this point, so either work on solutions, or get out of the way.

It’s simple. Think about some reasons why there are people that are not interested in those activities in retail but are looking for them in classic… There it is your answer.

Apparently you didn’t even read what I said because I’m literally suggesting to keep layering but divide it into smaller regions instead of continent-wide so it won’t be exploited.

You don’t fix a problem by adding worse problems. You can fix this issue fine but you seem to be ignoring my suggestion (which is literally keeping layering just shortening the areas).

I don’t know how many times you people have to be told.

That isn’t how layering works.

I’m saying to change how layering works.

What you’re essentially demanding is that they turn layering into sharding, which is a worthless system and has helped to ruin any sense of community in retail.

It isn’t super important what the explanation was because the reality is differently according to the last stres test feedback. Is it due to bugs or the vague explanation is irrelevant too because the fix window is tiny.

Wait, you were serious? Why didn’t you just say “I want sharding!”. Because that’s what you’re proposing, since to get from 1 starter area to another, you have to pass through higher level zones. Wetlands is not a level 1-20 zone for example.