Layering: Few Weeks or Phase 1

There it is, the word from on high.

Let’s hold them to it, people. If they have layering in Phase 2 we riot!

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You’ll either quit or accept it Laeric.

The problem with waiting until then is that they need the server list in order to let people reserve names. Its not too late to make more servers, but at that point people already decided on a server with their friends so the new ones could be under populated.

Nope. I’ll riot right along with the rest of you.

I’m a man of my word.

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If you can’t see through that cringe worthy phony smile in the thumbnail…pity.

Define first few weeks?

C’mon. We all know Ion doesn’t have emotions. But since he’s a lawyer his words hold accuracy.

EVERY smile is cringe-worthy and phony. From everyone.

I see nothing worth putting on tinfoil here.


If you can’t tell emotions at face value then you are bad at reading people.

The better question is if blizz will bring it back for things like AQ?



Lots of optimism in here, I love it, thank you OP for not being one of the naysayers and actually hoping for the best.


Well, I am on the Spectrum, so that wouldn’t be a shocker.

But I highly doubt people smile genuinely.

Oh geez Laeric. I truly feel bad for you at this point.

Well I’m not rioting because I’m not coming back til layering is gone.
They’ll get my money when layering is gone.


Based on the quote, no, but you never know. It’d have to be tempting to turn it back on if a bunch of people are complaining about queues etc.

Then you’re an unreasonable fool.

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Why? I’m not bothered by it.

If anything it’s hate groups like “Autism Speaks” and people who use it as an insult who bother me.

…Though I do get a giggle out of the phrase “sperg out” for some reason.

I am with you. I can wait a “few weeks” to play. Would rather level with the same guys.

Based on the way these guys have talked about it, I think they’d be happier with server crashes for AQ if that’s what’s going to happen. Because people want those crashes. Yeah a portion of the place will moan, but the AQ Gates are notorious for the crashes, and they also said in that video earlier than the linked time, that the server tech is far more capable and not the issue.

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