Layering: Few Weeks or Phase 1

Wrong fandom.

That’s just, like, your opinion man.

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No its “like” English language, man.

You can choose to disbelieve the sincerity all you like. But it is what he said.

The dude abides.

The only commitment they made was no layering when phase 2 starts.
The rest is wishy washy lawyer speak with no firm commitment.

Sure I hope it ends by the second week so I can get on and play but I sincerely doubt it because there are lots of players that will be coming back only for classic.

Even you used the term “likely to be 4 months” because you don;t know and don;t want to say something you know isn’t known and therefore factual.

Could Blizzard say 10-12 weeks is still a few? Sure. They’ve been known to exaggerate their indeterminate measurements by a good but… as in Soon™… Few™


Well, yeah. I didn’t say will be because its still up in the air. But the best guess is 6 content patches across 24 months, being roughly 4 months each.

The Classic development has yet to act like Retail. They say what they mean, and listen when there’s a problem. They heard all the complaints about sharding and changed to layering. They backed off on Loot Trading everywhere. They moved from 4 content patches to 6.

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Has anyone at blizzard or on the forums addressed the Economy as it relates to Layering?
Seems to me like that might have larger/more impactful implications early on.

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AFAIK not more than in passing. If this is only for the first few weeks, it won’t be a significant impact as only a small percentage of people will have hit a level where they can really affect the economy.

It’s still your opinion that…

Either way, arguing semantics is pointless. A promise means jack coming from Blizz. Regardless, I win no matter what as far as I’m concerned.

I believe from one of the other dev interviews.

Agreed, but if it goes the entirety of phase 1, it could/most likely would, become a race then farm fest, which I can’t see being a positive.

The only other rerference I could see is to say the same thing. That there can only be one Kazzak.

Which is why they only want it for the first few weeks.

Darn it, I’ll try to find it

I seasonally don;t think you can evenly distribute the 6 patches over 2 years… especially since they stated that stages would be released as it feels right with the community progress. No reason to suspect each phase will be progressed equally.

I also don;t think we know if it will take 2 years, or 22 months or 26 months.

Still you make a good example here using “best guess”… you cannot hold someone else to an indeterminate amount of time when you yourslef prefer to stay in guesses and estimates.

I think the important thing is, Blizzard WANTS to get rid of layering as soon as it no longer servers the purpose it;s being included for, because they recognize it’s negative aspects.

Why is THAT a guestimate? Because they are still unsure of just how big release will be. They are starting to realize they underestimated the popularity.

They did say at one point “a few weeks but definitely by the end of phase 1”

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Hopefully that results in more servers from launch, instead of longer layering.

I mean they promise lots of things. I’ll believe it when it happens.

What ? Are you kidding. Level 5 wands from enchanters sell like hotcakes on the AH. Now you have to compete with 9000 other players instead of 3000 with a single AH.

Gotta get that 1s right…

And I think this is the real reason they are allowing people to reserve names weeks early… they should get a decent sample of the demand and how to establish an initial set of servers at launch.

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