Layer swapping CD change "several minutes" - NOT LONG ENOUGH!


That’s it??? Shouldn’t it be HOURS?

Currently people are swapping layers at an incredibly steady pace and creating an immense amount of wealth.

Have a cooldown of “several minutes” is not enough.

This won’t prevent the exploits going on of swapping layers every minute to automatically respawn resources / rare mobs / AOE pulls / etc.

It needs to be something along the line of 1 minute, 15 minute, hours +.

I feel as if Blizzard is fully grasping the exploit that is going on.


Also, what about the people who have gained immensely from this? Look at everybody with an epic mount for example.

Why aren’t you removing those gains via exploits?

Why aren’t you banning them?

What about your congratulations of APES and Jokerd who exploited layers to get their world’s first. You need to take back your congratulation statements and issue a suspension/ban.


Blizzard has already stated that people are not swapping layers and getting uber rich because of it.


Because layer swapping is intended, and limiting the frequency is more than sufficient to prevent an economic collapse.


It has been streamed constantly. People have full epics. Hitting level 60 insanely fast. World’s first MC clears. Having epic mounts (looots of gold) and more.

It is absolutely happening.

This is why many servers /general chat is FILLED with “PST for layer swap, paying 10s for layer swap, please invite for layer swap” every second.


The problem is not what you think it is.

Take a step back and breathe.


These are people who have been doing this exact same thing on pservers for fifteen years.

Why do you assume it’s because of layer hopping?

The notion that players think layer swapping has some value does not mean it actually does, or is occur frequently.


epic mounts are not 5000g.


How was the cooldown not 5 minutes at the very least, which makes it impossible to exploit to repop mobs?

Is Blizzard this out of touch with reality?


no, they stated that abusing of layers wasn’t as big of a deal as the forums made it out to be, but that it was a problem.


This hysteria reminds me of a Hunter S. Thompson quote.

“With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever. Always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of his favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he’ll never know.”


Do you believe everything you’re spoonfed Grogzor?


Isn’t OP the guy who always brags about multiboxing and how he isn’t harming anyone by running around and tapping 1 button to kill anyone in PvP instantly, how he can farm endlessly anywhere he wants because he runs around with like a billion Warlocks?

Yeah, ok, layering is lame, but so is what you do, multiboxing completely breaks the spirit of this game and removes all challenge, it is literally pay2win garbage, but it’s ok for you to do that, but not for people to change layers, lol.

Talk about hypocrite.

(Tuskamus) #14

No? That would be stupid. YOu don’t ruin the game for literally everyone playing it because one dude is trying to farm a lot of thorium.


I believe the experts until actually given evidence to the contrary, and that is evidence, not anecdotes.


Multiboxing is a perfectly acceptable and allowed part of the game. Even Blizzard employees have done it.

Layer exploiting is exploiting bugs and is against the terms and should be bannable.


What’s the bug?


If it is a problem instead of adding a timer, just add a mob invuln time after every layer switch mobs are just unattackable for a period of time that ramps up exponentially.

(Somalion) #19

There is no bug.
People are using different layers to get a small advantage and other people are losing their minds over it.
Blizzard (who can see everything and have no agenda making them want to lie) has stated that the images of full bags of mats are fake and that the problem is not that widespread but is a problem that needs addressing so they added a cooldown.
People think that this very tiny non-issue needs more than just that.


No. They said people don’t have all their bags and bank full of arcane crystals. However, Lashraque, who has world second Classic 60 did say that he had 300 devilsaur leather and a Horde he knows is up to 300 lotus. (He did feel a bit guilty about it). That’s still insanse. And it was done with layer hopping. Layering is distorting who is getting rich. Right now, the earliest people to 60 who are willing to layer hop are having a field day. It’s still as much as would be harvested anyway, but now it’s concentrating into the hands of a few on every server who are going to stupidly wealthy. I would be a king on a server if you gave me 300 lotus. I could pay people to do anything (after I slowly liquidated my inventory as more gold comes into the economy).

(Oniana) #21

it’s actually ridiculous, you cant get your quests done because groups of mages just have entire areas locked down