Lawsuit Timeline Summary + Lore articles

Short of committing murder, or worse, losing a company money, it’s difficult getting a ceo/president fired.


I just wish this is how it happened.

Yeah I don’t know what people were expecting.

He’s been known as a piece of trash for years (remember about a decade ago when he said making games shouldn’t be fun and shock! the company/studios under him are terrible places to work) and nothing ever happened because he was still making money for his buddies on the board.


I happen to hate Ybarra.

Bobby’s future status is unclear.

Six months later and they’re only now making an EDI Team T.T

prolly maybe gonna apply? as this is literally something I have substantial professional and academic experience in


Oh I mean like actually apply for the actual EDI Team on Blizzard

Like be employed in their diversity team, as finding people both involved in that and with professional experience specialized specifically in restructuring and reorienting a global institution is hard to come by, and the learning curve between “community building diversity work” or “direct action social justice” vs “intra-institutional disassembly of the corporate mafia that is producing and reproducing intra-laboral systemic violence of marginalized demographics” is fairly steep

Dunno will check it out


Why Are You Running Meme But Edited To Why Are You Deleting Normal Posts Dot Gif


Doness just likes deleting his posts.

He doesn’t need a reason to do so.


I bet Doness said something really good, but sadly we will never know.

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Deleted that too. Not starting this. I’d appreciate it if you got rid of that one, as well.

I meant no offense.

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None taken. Offense isn’t the issue.

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EDI ? I don’t know what that is. So naturally, I am inclined to joke about it. But then the jokes seem a bit vulgar, with E and D being there…

“They may need an ED Institutor to keep people in line, after the Cosby Crew.”

If people want a job, good luck on that. Sounds like some sort of diversity hire thing. I mean in that in the truest sense, not as an insult. Hey, if it’s a gig someone wants, may they get it.

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Usually, it’s stuff I consider embarassing.

After the heated debates and finger pointing, we all need a good laugh. Even if it has to come out of your expense :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bruh you need to think before you leap.

Damn it that just makes me curious to know what you posted.

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Small victory.


I haven’t kept this thread updated cause I got banned.

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Union busting stuff from ABK.

Also, apparently CDev had no authority about what to put in game.