Lawsuit Timeline Summary + Lore articles


Bobby did an interview.

Empty promises, mostly.

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Well, he’s going to leave, eventually.


Called it. They will allow him to gracefully exit stage left and he will conveniently retire to save face. All while pocketing a couple billion.

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This merger is amazing news! This opens a lot of positive possibilities for Blizzard and WoW. It opens the door to more easily replace higher ups who are holding the company and game back. Hopefully this means more patches coming out sooner too. Resources shouldn’t be a problem for a very long time with this.


Would Microsoft fix the story?

Possibly. If Microsoft sees those leading the story as a detriment then they can replace those people.

Consider this: by 2012, Star Wars was practically a dead IP. Their last movie was seven years in the past and the fans at the time were not pleased with it, they only could put out a single successful cartoon series, and their game division, while it had a few hits, were mostly only average in quality.

Contrast that with CoD and CandyCrush, and the market shares they control.


Microsoft will probably clean house and have their new investment make them actual money.

They recently did Age of Empires and its been a really fun game and faithful to the original magic. Maybe we might see more strategy games with the Blizzard IP?

Microsoft goes well when they acquire an IP they expect to acquire.

When they acquire an IP they aren’t interested in on the other hand…

When Microsoft bought Rare they were expecting to get Donkey Kong only to find out too late that they only got the Characters unique to DKC and DK64(everyone except DK himself) so they gave those Characters’ rights off to Nintendo and were left with the unsavory task of having the Cast of Banjo Kazooie and the Conker games.

Since Microsoft didn’t get Rare for the sake of Banjo Kazooie and Conker they wasted their potential.

What Microsoft wants it uses to it’s full potential. What it doesn’t want it wastes.

Hey now, he needed another yacht.


He needed a yacht for his other yacht

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Bobby did an interview about why he sold Activision Blizzard. Seems disingenuous.

I hate microsoft. Just saying. Don’t think monopolies are great ways to promote creativity either.

2 cents.


Curiosity, Necessity, Connections, and Vision promote Creativity nothing else!

Monopolies limit the amount of Vision if there aren’t multiple Advisers whispering into the CEO’s Ears and for that to succeed the Advisers need Force of Personality and the Ability to seem Reasonable to the CEO.

Monopolies need Advisers/Interviewers who loudly proclaim the CEO has the power to order everyone around and is the one in charge! The Advisers/Interviewers need to properly use word play to convince the CEO that he is the smart one for listening to their ideas and that anyone who defies him should be reminded that he is the CEO/President!

Interviewers have power they fail to acknowledge as they don’t realize that Interviewing has power! We rarely if ever have a Loremaster try to Interview the CEO or Lore Writers in a way that directs the Writers into a preferred path!

Did you expect him or any corporate guy to be honest about their company?

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More nonsense.


I appreciate the fact they used one of the creepier Bob pics for that article.


He really tried to pull a Democratic Party with Game News lmao

“People are saying I’m evil in news sites!! Should I reevaluate my being? No, better to own the news sites and crush them into submission and silence people criticizing me”


I want him to get fired earlier. Shame he won’t.