(Ladies) Is there anything in game you think is inappropriate?

I am mainly interested in the game content. the player base… yea, completely agree.


Showing skin is not a problem any woman has reasonably.

Because wearing very little is not inherently sexual. It’s a woman exercising her own autonomy and expression. If some guy can’t control his hands because of that it’s a HIM problem. Not a HER problem.

So no skimpy transmogs are not offensive.


I started out the game on Shadowmoon, a PvP realm (not RP) , but back in the day there used to be some RP within guilds and several of us enjoyed collecting appearances long before “mogging” was a thing. When I spent DKP on a cloth Princess Leia dress in AQ for my hunter rather than having it be sharded half the guild laughed and rolled their eyes but they knew I was going to parade it around Ironforge (and I did - having a great old time).

Bluntly, yes, I would be offended if Blizzard decided that they were the new Taliban and wanted my night elf wrapped in a burka (no offense to those who wear one by choice). What, next they’ll be saying that my sexy pixels tempt male players into doing inappropriate things and rather than take steps to label their words and actions as toxic they find it easier to control me - the temptress??

Most men, in my experience, control themselves just fine. Just as most women control themselves. Are there exceptions? Absolutely! And women can be every bit as offensive as men can be.

The focus here needs to be not on the mogs or the emotes. Heck it doesn’t need to be men. It needs to be on toxic behaviours.

For several years I ran a Facebook group with over 100k members - facilitated by a volunteer crew of 20 moderators. I set up a set of rules and when we had a violation we’d pounce and ban - then set up a “Wall of Shame” thread - basically put banned violators heads on pikes so newcomers understood we were serious and had zero tolerance. But I also told everyone that we didn’t care if they were capable of being toxic outside the group - as long as they had the self control not to be toxic while a guest in my group.

Result? While Facebook is pretty much a toxic soup, my private group was fine - in fact we were recognized by Facebook as a “Meaningful Group” and ultimately were invited to Facebook’s “Power Admins” group where we had direct access to their development staff.

BTW sorry for that anecdotal aside but it makes me sad that as toxic as Facebook is often perceived to be - they seem to try harder to fix that than Blizzard does.


I have done some heinous things as teenager that I’m pretty sure I would have gotten expelled for if I was a male, at college. I can attest to this.

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The only things I personally don’t find appropriate are things some players create, such as certain guild names, character names, community ranks, in some cases guild ranks or guild recruitment messages, etc. as well as how some people treat or talk about women and female NPCs and characters.

There’s nothing in the game itself that actually disturbs me. Only behavior of certain people in the community, which is what the report option is there for.


you do realize a succubus is a female demon that comes in the middle of the night to fornicate with men while they sleep?

people get offended by the dumbest things- and in a video game of all places.


People just look and see a scadly clad woman and make up things.
A succubus only obeys the warlock cause she can get something out of it. 100% guarantee.


I don’t think any sane mind think anything about the game is inappropriate. Sanity is not gender exclusive.

I don’t blame people removing Afrasabi references. It’s only fair after Blizzard jumped into the gun with Kael’Thas VA and Swifty.

… or Garrosh calling Sylvanas names.
… or removing the /spit emote.

You know what, remove everything. That’ll solve it and make it fair.


You know, I’ve always wanted to fight dragons as an amorphous blob.

edit to add /s in case that was unclear.


How do you know?

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… awww :frowning:
I was going to ask you how you’d do that… like, with weapons or just with dissolving ooze or somerthing.

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It would interfere with his quality Jaina time.

Group finder has to go. Rejection from a group is far more psychologically detrimental than any emote or xmog, and we have countless threads on these forums to back this sentiment.


You say adorable. I say, methodical maniacs who use the cover of “cuteness” to cloak their true goal… world domination.


We were both sarcastic! :slight_smile:

Only this bizarre notion that you have right not to be offended and to define what offends you. If everyone has the right to silence what offends them, no one will have the right to speak.

No one expected the twitter religious police.


Exactly. which is why I’m polling, so to say, if there’s ANYTHING in game that offends people or if there’s just people trying to be offended for me… or something.

I was going to give my personal views because I thought you were just curious what other people think. But are you respecting why others might be offended over things in game or are you arguing with them over it because you disagree?

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If people are offended by something they should feel free to speak up, but when people are saying “well this might offend someone so it needs to go” that is just nonsense and demeaning to think you can speak for someone else’s desires.


You can’t make this stuff up. Thanks for the laugh.

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