Kyrian Covenant: Prepare to Ascend

Kyrian Covenant: Prepare to Ascend

Align with the steadfast Kyrian Covenant to shape the future of the Shadowlands and earn shining rewards.

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I would prepare to ascend if you balanced their spec skills and signature spells… so far I’m not very excited with some of the spells they get for paladins.

Sadly after seeing your other systems such as the venthyr party… I think having a boss battle and call it a day sounds better.


Who’s joining the brainwashing covenant? Raise your hands! I might do it just because a Kyrian Death Knight sounds ridiculous.


How when M+ and raiding’s best covenant is venthyr? And best PVP is necrolords? Bastion and Night Fae are in a weird position where picking them is trolling.


yeah, no, thanks. Maybe on my 4th alt paladin. Just for some story bits

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I find this way more appealing than Revendreth. Maybe an instant portal isn’t all that.

I’ll be ascending to the most OP ability coven but that’s how I like to play.


Venthyr 100%, cant beat a 35 yard teleport.

Going Kyrian for the spear.

not going condemn?

the first time warrior stoles paladins ability to basically condemn damned souls and you go for the spear?

tastes I guess :man_shrugging:


(and just to be clear… it’s not because of things that shouldn’t be an issue but they are… it’s cause Maldraxxus roxx!)


Depends on the class. Venthyr for DHs in PvP is going to be nuts because of Sinful Brand.

Condemn isn’t bad. It’s a decent single target ability and suits maybe Arms. Spear feels like it’s better on Fury and provides some CC.

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oh you’re fury maining then yeah makes sense CD on execute feels bad after all :thinking:

Their art team really do an amazing job.


Mikanikos plushies when?

He looks so soft


I’m already Scourge initiated so Maldraxxus seems like an easy decision. Also, shouldn’t unholy death knights be like a terrible sight to behold in the shadowlands? We should be able to enslave everything there.

I want to play Bastion, but the traits are atrocious for DPS.

You claim you want the DPS differences to be minimal through conduits, but these are all just buffing the phial, which is also bland compared to the other covenants, and do nothing for actual damage. There’s a bit of CC in there, but it’s bad compared to others as well.

Bake some stat bonuses into these.

Valiant Strikes: You and your nearby allies’ critical strikes grant you stacks of Valiant Strikes. Once you maximize your stacks, you heal nearby allies for 5% of their maximum health over 10 seconds.

Let this increase our critical strike chance with our own crits, be unaffected by our allies crits, and still have the heal. It may not parse the highest for fury, but it’d at least be usable and fun in PvP/M+.


Any chance those Kyrian wings can add double jump + Glide to non-DH classes?
Cause that would be heckin rad.

Hard to play other classes without that.