Kwint (not so bad down here) all aquatics

(Maizou) #43

Eh, the Rogue Azerite one in Drustvar and Captured Evil in Stormsong were a bit difficult for a couple of families.

(Zunde) #44

I did captured evil yesterday and did not have all that much trouble with it. Have not done rogue azerite yet.

Nope spending my time doing islands with people so horrible that bots would probably perform better.


I used Spawn of G’Nathus (1, 2, 2), Snarley (or Chuck) (1, 1, 2) and Hydraling (2, 1, 1)

  1. G’Nathus - Lightning Shield, Swallow, Paralyzing Shock, Swallow [G’Nathus dies or has low life]] spam Swallow until G’Nathus dies. Swap in Snarly.
  2. Snarly - Rip, Blood in the Water, spam Surge until he is dead. swap in Hydraling. Use Tail Slap until the enemy dies. Save Shell Armor until the last enemy swaps in. Then,
  3. Hydraling - Shell Armor, Call Lightning, spam Tail Slap until dead.

This strat worked for me after about 2 hours of dying. I did not care to repeat it so maybe I got lucky. Good luck.


Thank you! Excellent strategy!