Kwint (not so bad down here) all aquatics

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When I use him in PvP, I rename him, “Your Mom.”

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I’m not sure how managing this, but I’ve been trying it, and it doesn’t even come remotely close to being useful, much less winning. The problem I have is that Bruce is always going first.

I thought I could use Paradox Spirit would slow him down, but I’m being forced to concede that there is no elemental team that has even a tiny chance of winning this.


If you’re going for the achievement, do what ^ the others suggest.

If you’re just needing a win for a daily quest, I always use level 1 pets that are ^ up arrow green versus Kwint’s pets. A couple of his pets will cast their only ability which has a multiple round cool down, then just sit there waiting for the next CD. A green arrow level one whittles down his first and second pet and only takes nominal damage, then you have two more pets to finish off his third pet which actually does damage every round.

Like I said, this is a strategy I use if I just want to do his daily world quest for pet tokens or battle stones, I haven’t bothered with the new achievement (yet).


Blightbreath. The almost tanky breed. Swap in the third pet, and watch him shrug off that blood in the water like he would your mom :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very strange. Aside from a couple games when Bruce never used Carpnado and only attacked with Deep Bite I’ve had no problem killing him barring crits. After bearing the full brunt of the Amalgam’s assault two Wild Winds are enough to kill him, and the Prince has just barely enough health to survive 3 Deep Bites and a Carpnado. Bruce going first shouldn’t be an issue, he just has to be dead by his third ramp up.

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Frankly, it’s very hard to believe this is even possible.

Open with Amalgam of Destruction, cast Elementium Bolt. Chum strikes first because Amalgam is among the slowest pets out there.

You have no other options than Elementium Bolt, because Chum will destroy you effortlessly in three to four hits. He doesn’t even need Megalodon.

Next turn Immolate, to hit Chum with four turns of damage.

Next turn Volcano, so Bruce will be get the most hits from it when it comes in.

Elementium Bolt strikes, Chum is stunned, and the next hit Amalgam takes will be his last. Chum owned him.

Bruce comes in; you will get one attack and one attack only: Immolate, which is the only attack you have that isn’t on CD.

Bruce now has Immolate and Volcano on him. And the best you can hope for is that Bruce opens with Bash, because if he doesn’t, he’ll use it on the Prince.

I’m guessing you’re using Wild Winds on the Prince and the Tiny Twister, because Slicing Wind is too unreliable.


Finally beat it. Both all aquatics and elements were HARD. I use xu-fu’s pet battle strategy online. For Aquatics: Inland Croaker (HP), Coastal Scuttler (HB), Mud Jumper (HB). Be prepare to reset fight if stunned.

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Actually, you can cast Volcano before Immolate and it will get the same number of hits in. However, the order doesn’t make any difference. And yes, Wild Winds.

I’m with you on the Amalgam. The opening combo results in Chum being shuffled out before it can AoE and the Amalgam being finished off by Bruce. It’s Bruce fighting the Prince where you completely lose me.

At this point Bruce is around 1k HP from the Amalgam with 2 ticks of Immolate left within kill range of two Wild WInds.

Scenario 1: Bruce has killed the Amalgam with Deep Bite.

Round 1, Bruce bashes the Prince.
Round 2, Bruce hits with Carpnado for 382, the Prince is unable to act.
Round 3, Bruce Deep Bites for 347, the Prince hits with Wild Winds.
Round 4, Bruce Deep Bites for 463, the Prince kills Bruce with Wild WInds.
That totals out to 1192 damage leaving the Prince with 127 HP.

Scenario 2: Bruce has killed the Amalgam with Carpnado.

Round 1, The Prince is already down 254 HP. Bruce bashes the Prince.
Round 2, Bruce Deep Bites for 231, the Prince is unable to act.
Round 3, Bruce Deep Bites for 347, the Prince hits with Wild Winds.
Round 4, Bruce Deep Bites for 463, the Prince kills Bruce with Wild Winds.
That totals out to 1295 damage leaving the Prince with 24 HP.

So yeah, it’s very possible.

I’ve performed a sanity check and just won two games in a row under the exact conditions you describe: same Amalgam ability order, same Wind Winds spam, no Volcano stun, no crits, and Bruce bashes the Prince.

The only way the Prince should be dying to Bruce non-crit at this point is if he used Deep Bite 4 times without ever using Carpnado which is statistically unlikely and what I can only assume keeps happening to you. The numbers check out.

i’m very curious to see your numbers for Bruce fighting the Prince because I really don’t understand.

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Also, awesome! That would mean my Aquatic team is better than Xu-Fu’s because the stun has no effect. ^.^

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Well, it finally worked.

But I can’t do it again.

My mind reels with sarcastic replies, but I’ll leave it at this: Elementium Bolt, Volcano, then Immolate, Bruce walks in to three rounds left on Volcano, as one of which was used on Chum. Elementium Bolt, Immolate, then Volcano, Bruce walks in on four round left on Volcano. That should be obvious. Yes, it does make a difference.

I think it depends upon whether Maws Jr. Uses a bleed followed by Blood on the Water. Because if he does, it will destroy the Tiny Twister.

If Bruce uses stun on the Prince, you will not get the second attack of Wild Winds, because you’ll die after the first one.

I think what gets it to work is when Twister uses Bash on Maws Jr. once Maws puts the bleed on Twister (since he’s going to follow it with Blood on the Water, which means game over for the Twister). Enter Chum, Call Lightning kills him. Then reenter Maws Jr. then Wild Winds.

(Wiff) #32

I have no idea what you think you explained. The end result is exactly the same because Bruce takes exactly the same amount of damage from the same two Volcano hits. Bruce is taken to the same 1k HP mark regardless of the order. You still need two Wild Winds to kill him. This changes nothing.

I also have no idea why you continue to find the stun a game ender when I’ve supplied the math above demonstrating that you can roll with it just fine unless you get super unlucky. What is happening? Why did it only work once and not any of the other times? What was different? How come I am not having nearly as much difficulty?

It would be helpful if you could provide any details at all. Otherwise all I can tell you is that I’m sorry you don’t find the team helpful. But you know what? If you got it to work even once, you might need to revisit the declaration that

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And yes, what gets the team to work is crowd control. Don’t go straight for damage, wear Maws down. Even just a Wild Winds tick on the Bash turn can put him low enough to nuke down with lightning.

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You didn’t. So, why should I? Look at your previous posts. Did you bother to lay out the strat? Nope. You only have a vague description. I’m not even clear as to what goes the Prince’s third slot. Both have a certain usefulness. And only recently did you clarify that you need Wild Winds, not Slicing Winds.

(We’re going to assume that Amalgam actually survives his fight with Chum, which seems dicey at best. He tends to die to Chum consecutively.)

It’s hard getting through the whole thing, because Chum seems to be the only shark who follows a predictable order of actions.

Round 1: Elementium Bolt.
Round 2: Let’s do it your way. Volcano.
Round 3: Immolate. Elementium Bolt lands, stunning Chum. Amalgam (if he’s alive at all, is at 166…or possibly 19, which also happens.)

Round 4: Bruce is swapped in. Cast immolate. Bruce now has three rounds of Volcano and four rounds of Immolate.
Round 5: Cast Immolate (Bruce will stun or kill Amalgam before it goes off. In either case, Amalgam is done.) Let’s assume he doesn’t use stun and kills Amalgam. Bruce now has two rounds of Volcano. In this scenario, he used Carpnado.
Round 6: Even as I type this, I’m looking at it right now. I brought in Zephyrian Prince, and Volcano has one round left. (Do you see it now? Bruce isn’t going to have Volcano on him for two rounds; he’s got one left.) I have not picked out my next move yet. Zephyrian has not hit yet, but Bruce will strike first.
Round 7: Curiously, Bruce did not stun. He used Deep Bite. Zephyrian Prince used Wild Winds.
Round 8: Zephyrian Prince is at 487; Bruce is at 18. Bruce uses Deep Bite, and Zephyrian Prince is no more.
Round 9: Enter Tiny Twister and Chum. Call Lightning. Chum is down to 158. Chum uses Megalodon. It’s all over. Tiny Twister is down to 538. There is no way to win at this point. Superluck would not save this match. Chum is still alive, and Maws Jr. hasn’t been touched.

It’s over.

Now let’s try my way.

Round 1: Elementium Bolt
Round 2: Immolate
Round 3: Volcano
Round 4: Elementium Bolt lands, stunning Chum. Cast Immolate. Volcano as three round left.
Round 5: Enter Bruce, to take Immolate. Volcano has two rounds left. (I don’t know why you can’t see this.) Bruce uses Deep Bite.
Round Six: Enter Zephyrian Prince, Bruce uses Bash. Volcano has one round left.
Round Seven: Zephyrian passes. Bruce uses Carpnado, dealing 382 to Zephyrian and Tiny Twister. Volcano is gone.
Round Eight: Deep Bite, Wild Winds (Immolate still active.)
Round Nine: Deep Bite, Wild Winds (Immolate still active.) Bruce dies.
Round Ten: Re-enter Chum. Wind Buffet, which brings Maws Jr. in. (See the end in sight yet?)
Round Eleven: Wild Winds, Huge, Sharp Teeth. Zephyrian Prince dies.
Round Twelve: Tiny Twister comes in. Wild Winds, Huge, Sharp Teeth, Tiny Twister is now bleeding.
Round Thirteen: At this point, it should be obvious to everyone that there is no way to salvage a win. You cannot kill Maws Jr. with only one more turn, and if Maws Jr. gets another attack, it’s going to be Blood on the Water, and Twister cannot survive it.
Twister uses Bash.
Maws Jr. leaves and Chum comes in.
Twister uses Call Lightning, and thanks to Wild Winds, plus the proc of Call Lightning, Chum dies.
Re-enter Maws Jr. Bash and Call Lightning are on CD, so Wild Winds.
Maws Jr. uses Blood in the Water, and it’s over.

(Wiff) #35

Does this mean Chum is critting in consecutive games? Because that’s the only possible way the Amalgam should die to him.

How? It can only be either 166 or 0. Deep Bite is a set amount of damage. How are you getting any other number?

You note that Carpnado went out and that Deep Bite was used. That totals 485 damage putting the Prince at 834 HP. It would be a safe assumption that a second Deep Bite went out for 347 damage putting it at the indicated 487. The third Deep Bite should’ve done 463 damage putting it at 24. What happened? Did it crit?

There’s no denying that there’s a major RNG element with Maws Jr. I never suggested that this team would yield a guaranteed victory; that’s a tall order considering you’re fighting a high health pet that can one shot right at the end. It’s your difficulty getting to this point that I was confused about.

You were saying that there was no way to manage Bruce, and it was a complete mystery to me as to why. Your first encounter with Bruce in the above is a perfect example of why I’ve been so perplexed; the numbers just don’t add up, that can’t possibly be the whole story. The seemingly random amount of health the Amalgam is left with from a pet that does set damage is a whole other mystery.

(Karenthi) #36

I used:
Enchanted Broom
Everbloom Peachick
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

(Loncis) #37

We’re working on the Family Battler achievement. Which means you have to beat every tamer with three pets from the same family, for every family.

(Karenthi) #38

Ah, sorry. I misunderstood. Disregard then.


This Elemental line up worked 1st time for me…
Only fails if Bruce stuns Zephyrian Prince or maybe a crit somewhere.

Thanks, Wiff.


This is certainly a tough one but managed to beat today with a full team of aquatics and a little bit of RNG

I used:

  1. Spawn of G’nathus 1,2,2
  2. Hermit crab(S/S) 2,2,1
  3. Benax 1,2,1

first pet use G’nath and use lightning shield, then paralyzing shock, then swallow you whole x 2.
His first pet should die.

His second pet comes out and you should get 1 or 2 swallow you wholes in before dying, bring out your S/S hermit crab and use bubble, Fish slap x2 then dive, after that continue fish slapping until killed.

last pet use fish slap and dive if up as much as you can until Hermy dies, bring in Benax, bubble, swarm of flies then water jet until he is taken out, time your bubble to avoid blood in the water and should be gg, this worked second time for me, GL and have fun

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Kudo’s to kwint for being the only one to make me actually try.