Kul Tiran Flight Form

Kul Tiran flight form does not change to the color associated with your hair color, it is always the “autumn” brown coloration.

All other forms (bear, cat, stag, aquatic) do properly display the right color depending on hair color.


You are correct about bear cat and travel but if you look to other races, their flight form does not change either. This is intended and not a bug.

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KT flight form already has all the color variations, they just weren’t implemented. The files are in the game, they exist, and they were shown in all 4 colors alongside all the other forms: https://www.wowhead.com/news=284830/kul-tiran-druid-flight-form

You suggest that FF for KT doesn’t have variations because other races’ FF don’t. The argument doesn’t make sense because (1.) they’ve already shown us the KT flight form color variations (2.) Aquatic/moonkin/stag don’t have color variations with other races, but they do with KT, so by the logic presented KT shouldn’t have the variations that they do.

Without source of them saying that it isn’t a bug and wasn’t just forgotten about as things often are on patch day, I will report it as such, because there is much evidence that it’s unintended.


Agreed: this is very annoying! I just paid and arm and a leg to remove the Legion “mount” form so I could see the awesome white/green KT Flight Form… and it’s not an option!

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You realize you’re the only race that has color options on Travel Form, right? And that only Kul Tiran’s, and Zandalari Trolls have variations on Swim Form?

I think you can handle being like everyone else for one form…

I find it annoying when people try and argue that bugs shouldn’t get fixed or even reported because “it isn’t a bug enough issue to report.” I personally think ALL bugs should be reported regardless of how major or minor they are because that’s how they’ll get fixed. I’m sure the devs prioritize major bugs over minor ones anyway, so it isn’t an issue to report minor bugs.

It is understandable if some people didn’t realize that Kul Tiran Flight Form is supposed to have color variants, though.

That said, the issues with Kul Tiran Flight Form not using all 4 colors is probably a bug, since Zandalari Druid forms on the early 8.1.5 PTR builds were initially bugged and used only one color as well.


Err wha?

I have a druid of every race except zand and normal troll, and I’ve played druid for well over 10 yrs now, so yes I can “handle” being “like everyone else” for one form, though I’m not sure what that has to do with me reporting something that seems to be pretty obviously a bug. (I dunno why you’re referring to me as “my race” like this is all that I play/have ever played.)

Seeing as how it doesn’t take any development time (i.e I’m not asking for them to make new colors, they’re already made…) I don’t quite understand why you seem to be protesting against having the colors implemented.

Yeah I agree it’d be great if they’d make color variations for the rest of the races too, if that’s what your issue is? Doesn’t really have anything to do with me reporting this likely bug though.


First off, chill. No need to go all ranty at me.

My comment was only made because it seemed like you were complaining that they had made these extra colors and then didn’t implement them (which is what happened, it’s not a bug). That protestation seemed rather silly to me.

I certainly wasn’t protesting the idea of implementing the forms; they’re cool forms. I was merely pointing out that it’s kind of ridiculous to be so upset about not getting something special, when not only do you have other special things (i.e. the travel and swim form variations), but also when it’s the same lack of specialness that everyone else has to deal with all of the time.

Things get designed and then not implemented in live all of the time, there’s absolutely no need to get overly upset about it. That’s the danger of datamining.

Also, and I’m not even sure what your complaint was here, but I thought I’d clarify since you seemed to need it: I referred to ‘your race’, because it’s the race you currently are, that’s all it was… :eyes:

I’m not ranty, I just tend to type out long responses, sorry if it made me look that way.

I don’t see what’s wrong with me bringing attention to what looked to me like an oversight. They forget to implement little things like that on patch day all the time. Maybe you (and others) think their omission was intended but I (and others) don’t, there’s nothing really more to say about that.

If it was intended then they’re the only ones who can really be like “yeah sorry guys we decided not to use them” but otherwise I don’t see how it harms anybody for me to post for attention to it. Plus, takes up no development time to implement them as they’re already made and more cosmetic stuff is a good thing for the game imo.

I will say am confused that you keep suggesting I’m very upset over this and making it like it’s a personal thing? You suggested I’m posting the thread 'cause I can’t handle not having the color, and now you are saying I should chill and that I’m overly upset about it. I’m not sure why you’re projecting all those emotions on me at all, I’m really not wringing my wrists or losing sleep over this.

I noticed it upon logging in and knew they’d made other colors for flight so I put up a thread in case it was an oversight, and that’s all this is. :woman_shrugging:

(edited to move things around a bit lol)

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But, they don’t actually have to tell anyone that. They never put it anywhere that those would be included, people just datamined the forms and assumed. It wasn’t like they posted it in the patch notes, and then forgot to implement it. Nor did they post it, change their mind, but not tell anyone. They never said those forms were going to make it to live, so they don’t have to put out any statement telling people that other people who are not themselves messed up.

Your responses to other people on this thread have been especially long and acerbic. Insistent. Resistant to other opinions and/or correction. Which, if that’s just your style of commenting, is fine. But that style doesn’t really match your initial post, which coupled with your reporting this issue as a bug (which even if you’re right and the accidentally omitted it - it’s not), does seem to indicate an emotional connection to the topic that flairs up with anyone telling you you’re wrong…Maybe I was wrong. If so, I’m sorry I indicated you were upset about anything.

I would like to point out that reporting this issue as a bug is a little extreme. Bugs are errors and glitches, not oversights/omissions of content.

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I apologize to the above poster if my response seemed rude or something, I recall being in a hurry that day and had other things going on so may have typed out briskly or curt. If my response to your reply had any edge to it, it’s because to me your first comment seemed a sassy ad hominem remark (maybe because you thought I was uppity or something). But, it still wasn’t my intention to sound any certain way, sorry for any miscommunication.

Is it technically a bug? Dunno, “oversight” could be a better term sure, which is why I’ve been just saying “oversight” now instead of “bug.” My very first impression when I logged in was “uh oh. looks like FF is bugged and not showing other colors, I’ll just post a quickie on the forum so they know.”

Ultimately if they think this topic doesn’t belong in the Bug Forum then I welcome them to move it wherever they want it to go. If they think it’s appropriate here then it stays here I guess. Either way, hoping to see the variants slipped in at some point in the future.


The major point is that if omitting the other colors from Live was an intentional design choice, it is not an oversight or a bug, in QA’s judgement. And QA’s judgement is the only one that matters. If QA is aware of a developer decision behind this, your purported bug report will go nowhere. It’ll be flagged NOTABUG Working as Designed and the devs will never see it.

It was not something that was datamined, there were pictures showing different color variants of the KT FF on released images of the new Druid forms. I see where you are coming from, but the pictures I saw prior to my Race Change were from Blizzard.

Where did you see these pictures from Blizzard?

As of BlizzCon in November, they were only showing one color of each form, and all of the official announcements preceding the patch didn’t show anything more than that.

This is one picture I found and submitted in my ticket previously. There were others, but this is the FF I wanted as I love the white/green look of the forms when the character has white hair.

It’s not letting me put the link directly. https:// ibb. co/4N2JDHn (remove space after // and ibb. for the page).

Yeah, that’s the announcement from November that I mentioned, with one color for each form. In the end they chose a different color, but they never promised multiple color variations. We got them in places where other races already had variations based on character features, but they didn’t promise that anywhere.

still not fixed :confused:

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Just changed my hair color.


Any update on this? If you have the colours in game already its a shame not to use em… I tried using the red forms just to match with flight but the red ones are THE WORST shade, can’t stand it.

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To this day, the bug still hasn’t been fixed. Such a shame, I bought the race change for the amazin forms and I can’t truly enjoy them and we’re nearing the end of the expansion.