Kul Tiran and Zandalari Unlock Requirements

It was probably mentioned in one of the Blue posts. To my understanding you can have the requirements spread out among characters.

That is true and Sony caught hell behind that too. They advertised that the Froglok unlock was available from the beginning and when it was revealed that wasn’t the case that they were unlocked during some later event, people lost their innards. So, if anything, it should’ve been a lesson.

It is a decent place, be sure to explore the whole place, lots of hidden things, and I hope you have a good time, my first time was miserable, but it was sort of my fault, my daughters birthday is May 5th, so we went there to celebrate, not realizing it was also Cinco De Mayo, and the place was packed, and the place is not very wheelchair friendly.

I think people knew about the requirements ages ago…what about an actual release date for them?

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You won’t lose the exalted status of Honorbound when you faction change. But you also won’t automatically have exalted status for 7th Legion. You’ll need to build that rep up after you faction change. And as long as you have a Horde level 120 and an Alliance level 120 with all of the requirements for each faction, you’ll be able to play ZT and KH when they become available. Once you earn an achievement, you don’t lose the achievement. Once you complete a quest, you don’t lose the completion of that quest, no matter how many times you faction change. They’re just not transferred to the counterpart achievement / quest on the opposite faction.

Edit: I just read a blue post that says you will automatically have exalted status for the opposite faction (i.e. 7th Legion) rep.

Actually when you faction change your faction specific rep switches with you. There’s a list of what all does on one of the faction change pages.

You can have multiple characters complete the different requirements. You just can’t have one character do half of a requirement and another character do the other half of the same requirement.

I.E. Character A has to complete the Nazmir storyline. You can’t have Character A do part of it and Character B do part. Neither will get the achievement for The Dark Hart of Nazmir.

But Character A can complete The Dark Hart of Nazmir and Character B can complete Secrets in the Sand. And as long as all other requirements are met by one or more characters (A, B, C, D etc. ) You’ll be able to do the quest line to open Zandalari Trolls to play. (I used Horde examples, but the same is true on the Alliance side.)

I personally did all of the Horde requirements on one Horde character and all of the Alliance requirements on one Alliance character. And when I look at the BfA Attunments page on wowhead, it doesn’t matter which of my characters I load in, even my, just made two days ago, level 46 Nightborne warlock has the achievements as being completed.

Check your characters in wowhead’s BfA Attunements page. All of your characters should show complete in the areas you completed on your, I’m assuming, alt. The achievement was earned by: Alt, but main also has it on the BfA Attunements page. As I posted earlier, even my newly created two days ago, level 46 Nightborne warlock has the achievements listed as complete.

Blizzard is failing it’s players with these requirements. It’s only making it worse by pushing them to 3rd party sites to cobble the details together.

I’ve lost my steam on this game.

We just mentioned it on the live stream that is talking about building the art of World of Warcraft, March 12! It’s a great discussion that is also focusing on building these Allied Races, I recommend checking it out when you can (now or the VoD later).

That’s about when I expected, but was hopeful for next week lol

Wow, I am surprised the horde one is so much easier than the alliance counterpart, I didnt even had to run King’s Rest to get the last part done.


What I want answered is are PC Kul Tirans going to have the same Dick Van Dyke accents the NPC Kultirans have.

Like when they take damage do they go “Oi! Me gulliver!” and “That’s one in the narblies” and “Right rogered me wumbles!”?

When they deliver damage do they go " 'ere’s one now fer yer nickly nacks!" and " 'ave a bit of wut for then will ya" and “That’s a digga din fer yer wank lankies!”?

Because that’s what I really want to know before I roll a Kul Tiran.

you guys are just making these requirements so you can say “people are playing the war campaign they must enjoy it”
or am i wrong

i mean i dont remember needing to do a bunch of nonsense to unlock blood elves,dranai.worgen.goblins.pandarans. etc…

i mean would we play it if it didn’t have any reward? other than entertainment?

y’know player metrics and what not…

it takes away from immersion it reminds me im a player controlling a character…

i wanna feel like a character and get lost in the world of warcraft but its hard when im constantly reminded im not… store mounts unlock requirements for new races i paid for…

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I don’t remember getting 4 (or more) new races for each faction per expansion either.

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recoloured character models don’t exactly qualify as a new race…in my opinion…
i mean not one that would justify the tedious grind for such something that could have just been a customization option.

i did it and i unlocked them but i feel like the 20 dollar sub fee and the 80 dollars i spent for the expansion should be enough to play atleast the the maghar orcs and dark iron dwarves something blizzard is advertising as part of the expansion.

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New aesthetics plus new Racials.

It’s also not that tedious, I got Exalted with Honorbound and Zandalari just along my way of clearing the story, I wasn’t event trying to get Exalted. Same goes for Nightborne and the Surinam storyline.

Tortollans and Champions is a grind but there’s no Allied Race attached to them.

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hmm … after completing the war campaign i was nowhere near exalted i’m not sure where you got this extra rep from. when i say completed i mean i wasnt able to continue because they didnt give us the full campaign in 8.0

Don’t know about Demon Hunters but when Wrath came out you didn’t automatically get Death Knights. You had to get a character to max level (or was it 70?) before you could make one. Back then that was more of a grind than these current rep requirements.


scratches head

I know certain quests have overlapping rep rewards.

Edit: me too, I got Exalted right before 8.1 hit.