KSM Account Wide

With all this experiments around raid rewards and the interviews talking about almost everything account wide.

Please bring account wide KSM

During 9.0.5 KSM was account wide and it was well received by the players, right now KSM must be earn by each character which converts M+ into a targeting progress and there’s this whole deplete key mechanic and looking for keys between pugs or your friends, maybe you’ll run several keys without any luck on the key that you must complete to improve your score…etc, there’s a lot of aspects that makes this kind of repeatable goal really annoying.

Alts will need valor points from M+ Runs and the gear will be acquire from those keys but you won’t have to target keys anymore, just once with your main character.

Please consider changing this for season 4 and 10.0


Agreed, im tired of farming KSM on alts to get into groups because people don’t trust me to play well.


so how will this guarantee you play well?

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the R.io addon will still show main’s score on your alt


it was simple they just wanted you to grind more but hey they said this expansion was going to be alt friendly sure it was.

IMO, the calculation of the score is much worse than it used to be. Both because you need both weeks (This did not make pushing on tyrannical fun for me, sorry) and because higher keys give marginally better scores (+5, +3), even though your first 2 of a dungeon can get you 68 points. So the difference between a 3000 player and a 3600 player is insane but the difference between a 1000 player and a 1600 player is a few more dungeons completed at the same level or lower.

My alts get timed 20s-22s because I push on them when I get bored and they can’t even get into 15s because their rio score is too low for the leader to even consider looking at them. Super annoying.

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Well, not only this but let’s figure out a realistic timeline on when to start uncapping valor, because we’re past that now.

Blizz, we wanna play alts; help us, help you.


It’s easier than ever to get KSM (or equivalent).

How about making it account wide but people actually have to time the keys again.

If they have to do some of it over… isn’t that not account wide then?

“Here! Account wide achievement for you! But you still have to do some stuff on every single character to unlock it!”


why make it harder the game is on life suppport as it is right now. bring it back.

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Why time keys again with alts? It should be account wide after you already timed those keys on your main or reach the required score. Alts still need to grind the gear and valor for upgrades, after 15 all the keys become just a prove of your skill.

I think you missed the point of the post.

Brewa is saying that you can currently get KSM without a single one of your top keys being in time, and is suggesting that that statement should no longer be true.

Timed like 9.0.5 or score like now, it should be just required 1 per account, then your alts should focus on the dungeons that they want to do for gear progress or because you want to do a high key on that dungeon with that alt, looking for specific keys on each character to unlock upgrades, it’s not fun at all.

I think there should be lower requirements for alts, but you should still have to demonstrate some level of play on that class.

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You’re still going to demonstrate some level of play by doing high keys but that you want, so you can get the pieces with a higher ilvl and then farm valor to upgrade those, only few people will run +2-+5s and then upgrade from that lower ilvl investing more valor.

At the end , the player only demonstrate that progress to themselves, other players no matter, they’ll check your overall score for pugs or raid progress, basically as always pug will be defined by the group requirements, besides ilvl the leader will check your progress on that key or your overall score.

KSM should have always been account wide. The only reason why they took it away was to increase #timeplayed by forcing you to farm Rio scores on your Alts.

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This from the guy who was trying to explain people with +20s that they didn’t know how to play.

KSM account wide, only provides a way to lvl up your gear with valor, you still need to farm valor and keys, if you do higher keys less valor required on each alt, also the game now has a score for each dungeon, so players already have a tool to measure if you play well.

Besides that, players can be carry right now with raid and M+ by guilds, boosters…etc, KSM account wide only provides help to reach better ilvl, it doesn’t reflect skill, right now there’s a lot of post and people that face players with high m+ scores but that their skill is awful, that’s the life of doing pugs.

I think i concur that the valor unlock levels should be account wide. Trying to gear an alt sucks. I get an item and go look and i can only upgrade it so much because my score on my alt is below a threshhold.

Yes, and it’s a great feature, but that also requires the user to create yet another web account and add their characters to that account. It’s not as simple as just using the addon. I use the addon, but I don’t want to deal with managing another web account.