Korraks revenge

I recently went back to Horde and am using it to level my stable of 100s and 110s from WoD and Legion. Finished my mage so quick, definitely nice for leveling. Plus, being scaled lets you still PvP acceptably even without gear, which is nice. And not having to quest for the 15th time is even better.

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I found that horde travel together in large packs and win. Alliance is spread all over the map and generally lose.

Before this opened it took me a whole weekend (6-7 hours of playtime) to go 110 to 120. In the same time this weekend I got 2 toons to 120 and 2 to 116. Plus i got the honor level 15 horsie (yay​:rage: another frakking weird unicorn). Too bad most of my toons are alliance and did the Amphitheater questline in Wrath so I cant get the weapons​:rage:. :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

We still have about 5 to 10 derps every game that thinks the mines will help them get the mount faster.

Yeah, I enjoyed it. I would like to see it stick around. It is definitely way more epic than regular AV

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wow… i woke up to see 55 replies…
lets keep the party going.

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It actually is a lot better as horde. I did it on my alliance first time and it was terrible so decided I would try on my horde today and I think I will make it through to the mount.

It’s been a lot easier as horde. For the most part horde just doesn’t care about korrak and doesn’t go to the base to start the game and claims first tower and gy way before alliance

Half of alliance go to the base and then get caught in midfield and die.

I don’t mind if they keep it permanent for people who enjoy it but I doubt they will. And I won’t be going back… just don’t find it fun at all… tried it now a handful of times as healer and I’m pretty positive I just don’t enjoy PVP or pugs in general at this point… oh well. (Alliance Priest)

The thing i’m happy about is it’s around till a week after january i think. so some who are taking a break or w/e can still enjoy it around christmas/new years…myself being one


The map is still tilted (albeit not as bad as before); at least we get to get to reach the end point just as the Horde wins now. This map is a f’n mirage with good exp. Korrak can be killed in Northrend for quest completion, so Alliance generally ignores him.

Make an Alliance toon and roll it there & prove us wrong.

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It’s a blast, I wish it would stay or just replace AV all together with it

BEST EVER!! REALLY hope it stays!!

It was absolutely fabulous until the pve & rpers took it over and refuse to PvP or backcap.

I absolutely love it. Its such a blast honestly. If they keep it around forever, I definitely would not complain.

Half of the alliance do go to base.

And if you read I said it was heavily horde favored. Horde are calling their first tower when alliance are finally able to cross midfield.

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Then don’t go midfield, go to shb and wipe them out. Then go take IBGY

Yeah, probably not going to happen. Alliance normally gets trucked in those scenarios.

I wholey wish they would release mechagnomes and vulpera for this event. They’re going to end the event though and then a week later drop 8.3 and it’s back to boring old leveling again. That’s when DKs will drop as well, so also lame.

i levelled an alt from 110-120 using this event and only won once

for the alliance lol


I am loving this event, but yes it has not been nearly as much fun on the Alliance side, not sure why myself.