Korraks revenge

Yes I’m in love. This event is both good and bad for my severe alt addiction.


According to Wowhead, the xp isn’t awesome until 60.

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Still absolutely love it. Ive been hoping for it for years!
Great for alt xp but its nice to see the resource mode gone and all the npc’s back in.
I hope its made active for future TWing or as a Brawl occasionally.

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Oh look a horde player who loves it lol

It’s super horde favored.

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I havent done it on anything lower than 61 but I have played plenty with a friend who was on 90ish level alts (me on 114’s or above) and everytime we get the same relative XP values.

I imagine someone good at questing will likely do better than 1 level per hour (assuming horde queue times which are like 20ish minutes). I also dont know how gear works for a sub 60. You may find yourself easy to kill if you dont at least have levels 60 gear since that is what we get scaled down to

Great for leveling alts but seems kinda pointless at max level since it gives only timewalking badges for award.

How? AV has always favored the Alliance. It’s probably the same reason you guys get the exp buff every week: most Alliance doesn’t pvp.

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I used to PvP a lot back in Wrath and early Cata. That’s just not me anymore. But I may go back in there to level some alts. I already got the mount so…no pressure either way.

Gear scales to level 60 but not having azerite I am sure hinders you. Also not having all your spells would be a set back.

I play both sides (literally will have 46 120’s once the few alliance toons are leveled) and besides a fresh horde DK, I have a near equal split between red and blue.

Alliance can easily crush AV. They are have a monster choke point where a single hunter or warrior can wreck an entire invading force with knockbacks ( ele shamans too if they dont get zerged down). The map inbalance is largely around an irrelevant side point (snowfall and korrak) which is often ignored in the zerg strat that is common now

I’m watching you :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m the resident altaholic round these parts.

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Finishing Korrak is Horde Favored

I have yet on either side actually get to fight Korrak.

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Please make this permanent.

No, it seems like the cutline is 60. Anything below that gets garbage xp.

Even at 60 the gains aren’t as good, but they slowly ramp it up until about 80 then they spike.

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I took legion class fantasy very literally. 1 toon per spec. The extras now come thanks to allied races plus a few more

If you are fighting the actual NPC then yes I agree. There is no way the Alliance can get there before the Horde starts capping the flag.

The only way I have gotten it on the Alliance is when the Horde wants to win quick and by passes Snowfall completely.

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I just like having variety :smile:

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Same. I almost exclusively play merc mode and have seen it about 50/50 each way.

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They should make current AV behave exactly like Korrak’s Revenge. It’s a lot more fun.