Korraks revenge

holy heck im in love. did you guys attempt this yet? Whats your thoughts? Do you want to keep this around?


Literally the best thing Blizzard has added to PVP in years.


Don’t add it to Brawl rotation, don’t make it a yearly event.



It’s a’ight. I mainly just use it to level alts.


I really hope it’s something they keep.

…fun detected


I am having a blast leveling my alts in there. My kids are a little sick of it but I am still enjoying it. I still have more alts to die their way to 120.

I am terrible at pvp, although I have to admit I am not bad on my mage in there.


Completed it on my Horde mage and still do it from time to time on other characters just because it is fun. I was going to do some battlegrounds for conquest on my Gnome warrior but decide to queue up for Korrak’s revenge instead just because.


I have been leveling alts with it. It is fun enough but I probably wont go back after I am done with my alts.

I’ve said this since BfA day 1, but this is what Warfronts should have been.

PvP + PvE + MOBA feel = old Alterac Valley


If they keep the old style map I would keep doing it. I didn’t like when they added the resource counters.

I understand why they did it, I just didn’t like it at all. AV essentially turned into a midfield death match until one side ran out of resources. Or was it reinforcements? It has been awhile.


Tried it out once, had a good time, may come back. How do ya’ll feel it is for working on getting the essence? I avoid PVP like the plague at cap (mainly because of the gear reliance from PVE), but I was thinking about using it for Conflict and Strife unlock


My main thing is I am just not much of a pvper anymore. My prime pvp time was late BC and LK, I just don’t do it much any more.

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It is great for alts. The BG itself is lame. Really needs tweaked to encourage PvP and viable ways to break turtles.

I would even go so far as to make the NPC’s smart enough to recapture towers and GY’s if there are no hostiles around. So many times a rogue can go solo towers while the guard just sits there post sap…or someone can pull guards from a GY and someone else takes it.

And FFS, give everyone credit for capturing ot assaulting something if they are close even if they or someone in their party didnt take it…

Deff need to be tweaked. A few bugs are still there to retrospectively keep it like classic was but i do enjoy the alterac valley long stalemates.

Those NPC’s are dreadful… camandos bumrush the base and 1 shot all characters.

and i dont think we should give people credit for not working. people who banter around in the mines dont deserve much .

Me neither. Never was very good at it. I did it in the past to get tokens for the mounts and the paladin sets for my bank alts. (Yes my banks are stylish in their level 60 pvp sets)

Of all the BGs though I enjoyed AV the most because there is so much going on.


Is the XP good for lower levels too? I’ve already leveled three toons from 110-120 using AV, but on my level 43 alt I didn’t seem to get any noticeable xp. Granted this was like last week and I haven’t tried it since.

There’s already a thread in the BG forum asking to keep this around.

I personally wouldn’t mind it being available once a month or something as a TW PvP event, or something along those lines. I would not make it permanent.


From what I have read from other is that the exp is noticeably better after you hit 100. People have said that it is not as good while leveling at lower levels. I have not done this myself, so it is just second hand information.

XP is scaled. A level 43 will get the same percentage of XP as a 119. Most runs assuming the rush strat and it being over in about 20ish minutes give about 1.5 - 2 levels for winning and 1 - 1.5 per losing. Winning gives 1 whole level (and 1%) whereas losing gives about 50ish percent of a level.

It is by far the fastest way to level until a turtle match where it then is faster to drop and quest till you can requeue. You still get decent XP in a turtle but questing is faster at that point.

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Not kidding: been playing it so much that I had a dream about playing it this morning.


OK, I’m going to give it another try tonight on my 43 hunter. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention to my starting xp/level when I first went in. Thanks!