Kor'kron War Wolf and the Garrosh Heirlooms

So, before Remix got launched, we were told that, due to being limited time things, the Garrosh heirlooms and the Kor’kron wolf weren’t going to be made available. Sucks but, whatever.

Now the Heirlooms are back, but not the wolf. The wolf should be re-added or the heirlooms removed from purchase.

This is because, outside of fact they came from the exact same thing and should have the same requirements, but also because I am pety and, over a decade later, am still holding a grudge against all those groups out there who were only letting AotC folks in. There were no prog groups taking non-AotC folks, just endless “AotC only Garrosh!” runs.

If we’re getting the reward for doing regular Garrosh runs back that had people deny the whole point they added Flex raids, they should add in the first one, or just remove the heirlooms entirely. Folks will still run Garry for the Tusks, let’s be honest. But the limited time heirlooms being back and not the easier thing is slightly ridiculous.

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Or it’s not a big deal and fine the way it is. Don’t remove my heirlooms.

Seems dramatic. I went with my guild to get the Heroic versions of heirlooms. Back then, guilds were the way to do things. Didn’t even know AOTC was a thing back then either. I never paid attention.

Heirlooms came from any version of the raid but LFR. They’re just heirlooms. They were super easy to get. Let’s all just chill out.

Missed the mount due to real life. Wish they’d at least add a recolor.


Nah. Its about being fair. We were told (in early stuff about this thing, even!) they weren’t coming back. And yet, they’re here. I got told by countless people “whoops too late” on all that but, suddenly they’re actively there and everyone’s silent?

So did the wolf. And yet, the heirlooms are back, but not the wolf

Wolf should be brought back, or the heirlooms removed. Simple matter of making things fair. They had the exact same requirements, you even got the first heirloom along with the wolf. If the wolf isn’t back? No heirlooms should be rewarded either.


Life isn’t fair. I’d suggest a bit more maturity in the matter.

Shocking how they listened to feedback and made a change.

Nothing needs removed. You’re acting overly dramatic here.

“Can’t have it my way so take it all away”


Wolf should be a 1% drop from heroic or mythic, just like the mythic mounts, honestly.


And now I’m sending my feedback! Funny how things are, ain’t it? We were told “Heirlooms aren’t coming back” and now they are, so seems like “Kor’kron not coming back” should be reviewed as well, given they were removed at the same time for the same reason?

So you want the Kor’kron wolf back? Thanks for agreeing!

I’m fine with the heirlooms staying, if the wolf comes back. The easier of the two rewards not coming back despite the other reward coming back though?

If the concern is maintaining exclusivity of the mount for those who did it “back in the day” then they could add an infinite dragonflight-themed recolor of the wolf only available in remix

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Your feedback is full of remarks that are less than mature. Event is out. They aren’t removing things because you’re holding a decade long grudge.

I could care less. But nice trolling.

Not engaging further with such remarks. Have a better day.

Heirlooms were not time sensitive (in the same vein as challenge modes) or attached to an achievement. Wolf was. Two different scenarios. It’s fine as is.

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The heirlooms were time sensitive. Neither they nor the wolf should have been, considering the mythic mount wasn’t, but to say they were not both time limited is incorrect.


Its a moot point regardless being, the heirlooms were noted as not coming back.

What makes the heirlooms non-exclusive enough to bring back but not the wolf? They were removed at the same time and were rewards from doing the exact same thing

Heirlooms were time sensitive and removed at the same time. Regardless though, we’re in a period were we can get a previously AotC mount (well, appearance) without the AotC achievement. Shadowflame Fyrakk is still obtainable if you run H Fyrakk, you just don’t get the AotC achievement

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You’re right. I’ll clarify my wording. It’s not time sensitive challenge content. It was time sensitive, but not challenge mode esque. I should have been more clear.

It wasn’t challenge mode esque for the wolf, it was literally a raid drop.

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AOTC has always been classified as time sensitive challenge / achievement based rewards. It started with the wolf. It was the progenitor of it. lol


And it was bad then too. The mythic mounts are available, heroic mounts from pre-mythic are available, Yogg 0 is available. The mounts should just be low drop just like the mythic ones



Go get one of the other 20 wolf mounts.

I disagree. But that’s no surprise. I’m always in favor of keeping time sensitive achievement / challenge mode items gone.


The heirlooms and the wolf had the same requirements to get. Why should one be brought back but not the other?

There’s over 20 other heirlooms people can get and if you want them for transmog, the apperances have been in-game since Vanilla. Just gotta be good enough to, y’know, hit 1800, and you can buy the whole transmog from Orgrimmar.

Using that logic, no reason the Garrosh heirlooms should be brought back either, so you want them removed, then?

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