Kind of dislike the conduit-loot-spec-specific thing,

I guess it’s not that big of a deal, I mean I can change my loot spec on the fly for when I open these little treasures. The random teach-you-a-condiut drops. Before they’d just upgrade whatever, now it’s apparently spec-specific.

It’s just before, I’d just open them and move on with my day. They dropped enough, 1 every day or so, such that eventually everything would get upgraded, eventually.

And the fact is, I play more than one spec. It’s all useful. Honestly, I’d really like an option in the loot drop area for NOT-spec-specific. That would be useful for me.

Takes all kinds, I guess.


Hear me out.

I know, it’s crazy.

Assuming you have all ilvl200 conduits.

Upgrade all of one spec to 213. Then switch and start working ont he next spec, then the next. Then start another spec to 226, then the other 2.


crazy I tell you CRAZY! … but, it … just … might … work …

been a punchy day

EDIT: I think my preference has to do with wanting less to manage on some chars, like yolo -idc for-the-fun-of-it alts

Yeah, let’s remove this ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY change that almost everyone wanted or add an additional option, because one Vulpera can’t take 2 seconds to switch specs before learning the upgrade.


too serious, servers are down, punchy, think punchy

yeah, to be fair, for my 1 main, it matters

I don’t believe the conduit upgrades are going to drop for a specific spec. It’s just when you actually put it in your soulbind UI thingy, they’ll only upgrade whatever spec you’re in at the time.

So, you can collect like 5 of them, go to your Soulbind thing, and then swap spec to the one you want to upgrade :slight_smile:

I hope I’m not wrong!

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You cannot, unless they changed something after this post was made. I’m just pointing this out to hopefully head off some frustration on your end.



so I need to spec switch before I open it

ok, well seems a little cumbersome, but good to know! ty.

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Conduits should not have levels and then after you get them all youre done. Would be way quicker and easier.

If the power increase is necessary idk have their power increase as you bond more with your soulbind.

Wouldnt that be thematic

just get out…