Kill the premades

Premade after premade after premade, make premade vs premade or kill them. Everyone know they do 10 warrior 5 pally AB premades. I sit in queue 20 minutes, game is over in 2 minutes and 0 honor, not fun, just trying to play casual pvp.


Roll alliance then. Stop crying because there arent enough ally pugs to go around. If the premades get taken out you’ll have a 1hr ab q enjoy that lol.


Stop hanging on to your easy mode crutch character. reroll hard mode and enjoy not facing premades while at the same time challenging yourself.

Or get friends.

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Reaping what you’ve sown.

Check out a lower tier bracket. I’m not sure about your faction/battlegroup, but I’ve found some brackets have very fast queue times, a good mix of twinks and not, and very decent win/loss ratios.

If you “just want to enjoy BGs,” that’s definitely a great way to do it.


Here’s your answer. Engage the pvp and kill them.

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Yea. It was better before blizz split east and west but yea. That’s where the casual pvp is. The twink brackets. The irony of it.

I feel a lot of these premade complaints are just really bad teams getting out played by miles. Just like how anyone with semi ok gear was called a twink by people at the bottom of the bracket in crap gear. They got outplayed by miles too…smh


there are premades on bfa?

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Maybe it not your thing but I enjoy the twink pvp personally hey but if it’s not for you that’s fair.

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Did you just threaten me IRL?

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You could always form your own premade.

Nice steaming hot load of crap replys. AB queue is around 30 minutes without premades constantly spamming, 15 minutes with. Do you even pvp, bro? I’d rather wait an extra 15 minutes if it’s actually going to be a fair match. 2. The only ones whining about their premades are the ones who would rather form a premade and steamroll randoms than do premade v premade for a fair match. Ever heard of RBGs, bro? On retail their’s a difference for a reason, no one has fun being steamrolled. 3. There are premades on alliance and horde, it just seems like you spergs feel the need to do it more because you can’t win/don’t enjoy a fair fight. How does this even make any sense? Even when I lose against a random team it’s a fun challenge and I am still getting good honor. It’s literally for people who don’t want any challenge at all.


Lol ok. You are operating completely on assumptions and only your own personal experience. That’s what stupid people do. Good day sir.

Get a premader 1v1, and most of them are utter garbage.

Arena will sort them out nicely.


That’s exactly what you did in your first post. You aren’t addressing any of the points I made, instead opting for personal attack. If you want to have a discussion, bring something to the table. I am just saying there should be a distinction between hardcore premades and random BGs like there is in retail. The only reason people make premades is to steamroll random BGs so they can get rank 14 faster. Why shouldn’t it be hardcore vs hardcore, random vs random when all I’m trying to do is maybe get rank 8 or 10 and some blue gear, and I have to spend 4x the amount of time playing that I normally do to get the same amount of honor because it’s just vs. premades over and over? I don’t have a problem with you if you are gunning for rank 14, I don’t want to be in your way, all I want is a chance to actually play the game.

The only reason separating premades from random queue would effect you is if you do premades only because there is 0 challenge in it. Who does premade vs premade hurt if it’s you who supposedly wants the hardcore experience?

I pvp today from 11-7pm, all premades (frequently the same premade), not a single win and only 5000 honor. What is right in this? This isn’t how the game is supposed to be. You think 10 warriors charging someone perma-stunning them into oblivion is skill? And 5 pallies perma-bubbling and healing people with immunity is skill? Like if it’s random composition and ends up like this, okay, but to purposefully stack your group with knowledge that the other team is random?


To compound this they probably coordinate outside of the game (which is what should happen in a group) while for pugs there have been few times where we have used the in-game voice chat.

this is a massively-multiplayer game.

1v1 means as much as competitive fishing.

He did actually, you just skipped over what he said like it didn’t matter. Oh and I’m on record saying the same thing repeatedly. You take out premades you will get little to no pvp. 1 hour is a very conservative estimate.

There are 3 types of alliance players:

PVE players.
AV rep Farmers
People who take pvp seriously and form groups because pugging as alliance is unbearable.

There aren’t as many casual pvp players alliance side. Don’t believe? Go look at the threads, large majority of them are created by different horde players. For alliance you see teh same 3 people and im not entirely convinced its not the same person on alts.

I have no issue fighting other premades btw. That whole assumptive line of reasoning that premades only pvp to stomp pugs is beyond laughable.


I didn’t skip over it. “Roll alliance”, I got the point. Did you get mine? 8 hours pvp and little to no honor. So what if it’s an hour queue? Bear with me for a moment: You’re assuming the act of getting to enter a BG faster is more satisfying than actually getting something out of that BG; 15 minute queue but every match is over in 5 minutes and there’s no HKs or base caps. If you multiply 15x4 you get an hour, so I may have gotten in more BGs per hour, but the overall honor gain was a lot less compared to if I have to wait longer for a random vs random match. So why should I care that there will be more alliance doing premades? If horde has more casual pvp players then premade queues will be longer too, so some alliance might prefer randoms and some horde might make the change into doing premades, it will all even out.


So what I’m hearing is, facerolling / button mashing in packs has more merit than someone who know’s their class, and can 1v1 fairly. Got it. Take most of these premaders, and most of them cannot fight well at all without their friends.

TBC will sort out PvP, and for that I cannot wait.