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Keep Calm
Raid Times
Monday-Thursday 10:00pm - 1:30am EST
We do not split-raid or add extra raid nights. Heroic is done during these times, so long as it is relevant.
- Mage/hunter
- Spriest/Ele Sham
- Tank.
- Demon Hunter
Note: we will consider all exceptional apps, even if your class isn't specifically listed above.
8/9M Dazar'alor
See below for past tiers.
Loot Council
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Why join Keep Calm?
We offer a productive and stable environment for endgame progression, a very long history of clearing cutting edge content, and a plethora of players who have been raiding together for 6+ years.
How was Keep Calm formed?
The guild formed during Throne of Thunder from the merger of two accomplished heroic 10 man guilds: Delirium and TYS.
What's the culture like?
We are a sociable guild on top of one who enjoys progression. People hang around outside raid to gear alts, pvp, play other games, etc. A lot of jokes fly around here and the language is not one for someone who is politically correct. If you make a mistake, we will not hesitate to let you know (in our own way).
We seem to have a successful formula that works well for us. People tend to enjoy our raid atmosphere; and many people in the guild have been playing together for many years, so it's important to us that you fit in.
Who should apply?
There's no hard-and-fast rule. Some of the things we look for in an app: history of mythic progression, good logs, solid raid awareness; good mentality/attitude; someone who is seeking a long-term home.
Should I Apply?
If you meet some or all of the criteria above & think our guild could be the lens through which you want to enjoy the game, then YES!
Apply: `https://goo.gl/BS8U2y`
Logs: `https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/6125`
Streams: `http://twitch.tv/notarealwzrd/`
- Joe (stefanj#1797)
- Rainz (Rainmakerz#1675)
- Loon (Loon#1529)
Historical Rankings
8/8M | US131 | Realm First 11/11M | US 92 | Realm First 9/9M | US 74 | Realm First 10/10M | US 82 | Realm First 3/3M | US 108 | Realm First 7/7M | US 119 | Realm First 13/13M | US 115 10/10M | US 102 | Realm First 7/7M | US 113 | Realm First 14/14H (25m) | US 94 | Realm First 13/13H (25m) 14/14H (10m) | 2 Realm Firsts 8/8H (10m) | US 19th | Realm First 7/7H (10m) | US 5th | Realm First 13/13H (10m) | US 3rd Sinestra | All Realm Firsts
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