Just won a key and wont work

Blizzard doesn’t hand out keys to anyone anymore - they just add beta to your account and email you stating such.


weird as when i type the key it says Shadowlands beta access and when i click redeem it gives the oops error

I’d definitely reach out to whomever you got the key from, Werelink. CS isn’t able to assist with Beta access.


and i did he said he was contacting you Blizz and im waiting for a response back
luckly i didnt have to give anything all it was was a Guess the Voice kinda deal

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I wouldn’t have clicked that link. You can hover over it to see where it actually goes.

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That statement is misleading. They don’t give KEYS that I know of. They allow content creators to collect battletags to submit to Blizz for access to Beta. The blue post in this thread explained that too.

If that has changed, it changed in the past few days and they have not told our FSAs.


Well, indeed it is, if there are not in fact “keys” in existence. But that’d be Blizz’s bad, not mine, as I was quoting directly out of the blue post I linked.

So, given that fact, I’m with you, and I suggest it be updated as well. It specifically and directly says “keys.” Leaving the inference of the quotes up to the public will result in fraud.

Possible case in point: the OP.

(Also edited my original post so it’s clear I, personally, am not making the claim of the existence of “keys.”)

May wish to re-read it, as they have the word key in quotes. More to the point, it’d be misleading, as Mirasol said, to say that Blizzard is giving keys themselves out to youtubers and the like.

They have stated, repeatedly, that they don’t give any keys anymore, themselves, due to folks selling them for money, as in the post you liked said:

“These Beta access rewards are not for sale or resale. Offers of Shadowlands Beta access for sale or auction are false, and should be reported as such to the entity where they’re listed.”


I know you were quoting in good faith. There were several threads on GD about it at the time with the same questions. I went to the content provider sites to read up on the rules of the Beta “key” contests and they were explicit that you don’t get an alpha numeric key. They submit your info to Blizz for activation on your Bnet account. I was pleased by how clear the few content provider sites were. I was put off that Blizzard used the word “keys” in their announcement. I would have used “access” instead.


  • “I got a key”
  • “Might be fraud.”
  • “Here’s a blue post that says there are keys.”
  • Okay, so it says “keys,” not keys.

For real, guys. I’m just trying to clarify what’s IN BLUE TEXT. That being, “We are giving away “keys” to streamers, to in turn give away to their viewers.”

You know the ins and outs and ups and downs because you lurk here and participate here.

Joe Q Public sees “keys” and thinks, keys. The blue info is misleading in the post I linked if actual keys do not exist.

Parts quoted about the access not being for resale or auction are irrelevant; we weren’t discussing that at all.



I got more info when I dug into the contests like on IcyVeins they had a link to the more info. https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/51611-shadowlands-beta-giveaway-100-beta-accesses/

Note that we have no keys to give away, and winners will need to provide us with their Battle.net ID that we will send to Blizzard to flag their account for Shadowlands Beta access after the giveaway ends. Icy Veins and Blizzard will only handle the data. We will delete the data once we have transmitted it to Blizzard, not to make any copy and not share it with anyone. The flagging will happen no sooner than September 3, 2020.

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It is confusing, especially since several of the streamers doing the giveaways are saying they are giving away keys.


Excellent. IMVHO a paraphrase of that information belongs edited into Kaivax’s original post, along with changing “keys” to “access” (no quotes required on the word ‘access.’)

Just to follow up for transparency.

It does appear that in addition to our normal flagging process, which we’ve been working with the majority of our partners on, there were a few give-always that did include an extremely limited number of Beta keys outside of North America.

So for the vast majority of these it has been working the way described, that streamers/influencers, etc… have been collecting Battletags to get the user’s account flagged, but there are also some keys out there for other promotions, which were primarily done outside of the NA region.

Hopefully that clears up some confusion.


It’s kind of like when someone says they want to 'tape" a show, despite it not actually being recorded on an actual tape. It’s been the nomenclature for so long, you just sort of default to it.

I know they have been giving beta keys away for probably the last month as physical key codes, I think some Czech/German fansites had it like this, but can be redeemed anywhere since beta isn’t region locked. (and bnet accounts by and large are global, baring some oddities with access to TW & KR wow servers)

But yeah they definitely are a thing and have been for a while.

As an example EuroGamer was giving key codes out back in august:


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Vrak explained that here… It was a very limited number of keys and only was given outside of NA.


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just got my invite to beta and it wont let me download beta