Beta Keys for Shadowlands - Updated August 19

It is now possible for you to obtain access to the Shadowlands Beta via limited-use “keys”.

We are providing some WoW community content creators with the ability to reward access to the Shadowlands Beta.

These Beta access rewards are not for sale or resale. Offers of Shadowlands Beta access for sale or auction are false, and should be reported as such to the entity where they’re listed.

Thank you!


Hi! How are content creators selected? I am a small content creator and would like to advertise and promote Shadowlands and myself as well. I love World of Warcraft and want to keep growing the community by making people interested in the new expansion. My audience is mainly Latin Americas which sometimes have limited exposure to upcoming content because of the language barrier. This is why I starter streaming in the first place :slight_smile: Thanks!


I received a key from a streamer on 14Oct2020 and was able to redeem the code on my bnet account website page for Shadowlands Beta. However, the client is not showing as a download option in my battlenet launcher. Please assist!

Beta keys for streamer’s, but not for your 15 year vets? I’ve gotten one key, and it was for Legion two weeks before launch. So lame… I swear the loyalty just stays forgotten.