Just when you thought the lore couldn't get worse (Sepulcher spoilers?)

Sylvanas was a dreadlord all along! I knew she was still my bodypillow queen!


Not gonna lie, giving Jaina hooves was kinda an improvement…

Shapeshifter episodes are almost always the worst episodes in a television series. They’re not just bad in WoW. They’re bad everywhere.

At least in Terminator, there’s always something off about the person they replicate, because there’s no way one could act out the nuances of someone they’ve barely met enough to convince someone that’s known them their whole lives. It never makes sense.


Seriously? They turned a tragic story into “A DREADLORD DID IT”?


Lore ruined because a bunch of random C-listers were at some point Dreadlords. Like, even the raid bosses on that list only have a paragraph of lore or so, who cares.

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I still want to know how dh’scan’t see them only in SL.

And what happened to lady vashj’s goggles for us. Did we say yay quest done….trash em. And lady vashj forgets how to make them?

Hey primus….I got this funky idea. You at least have oribos guards have a pair.

Why. He goes.

I put a pair on guard before we go to the zm portal scene.

Guard goes dude….there is dread lord here.

We beat emdown.

And this, primus, is why your hq guards need to were these on duty.

And now we go to portal scene with an actually secured arbiter room.

I feel the same way about handwaving away everything as a dream or hallucination but that seems to be a popular suggestion around here as a way to just undo parts of the game/story that people don’t like.

Out of curiosity, where did this information come from?

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I’m directly addressing why doppelgangers fail as a plot device.

Meh, I already felt they ruined Dreadlords with this expansions “story”. This is just par for the course, in my opinion.


It’s weird because some of those NPCs hold very high positions, and we encountered them only a few years apart

Which suggests the Dreadlords were disguised as multiple people at once to work their way to such high positions.

Or they secretly killed all those people and just took their places immediately following their deaths :thinking:

But you’d think at least ONE of the people they impersonated would’ve been called out for suddenly acting weird

Honestly how confusing 😵‍💫

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I still can’t find a source for this information anywhere. Someone help me.out?

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say hi to the legion Rogue order hall.

Kill Amber now!

Umm, you okay shaw? What did she do and We are thinking maybe she rates a trial. This how it should have been.

One of my fave chars a dead corpse in a cheap rip off of the sewers of riften setup. Then they made her a spider. This travesty I will never forgive the writers for lol.

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There are pics from before the encounter starts where they will randomly turn into NPCs.

The best explanation is that they were those NPCs at some point to stir up disorder/get info/troll people like how they did to our character in ZM and weren’t them all the time.

But with how terrible the lore is, who really knows?

Well it’s bad because not only is it dumb, it changes nothing. Nothing the dreadlords “supposedly” did with/as those characters mattered at all. So what is even the point to even retcon it in now?



They were just screwing with you. That’s what they do, they screw with people.

It ain’t that deep.


I think the only issue Is the flavour text of one weapon… Warglaives tbs, but removing it or changing it could solve the issue

Why would a Jinyu who didn’t kill anybody kill himself after being purified!?

It doesn’t make sense! Him being Mal’Ganis faking his death so that he can direct the Mogu now that he has gleaned the knowledge that the Jinyu acquire through their Water Reading Divination(which saved Pandaria inexplicitly) makes much more sense!

Mal’Ganis orchestrated the fall of Zul, the discovery of the Disks of Norgannon, the turning of Magni into a Diamond Dwarf and the construction of the Heart Chamber(probably a few days before we killed Archaedas) while Kin’tessa orchestrated the Nexus War, Thal’kiel & Archimonde’s corruption to the Legion and Lady Ashvane’s descent into villainy!

Magni was always Zovaal’s pawn it seems!

"The King of Diamonds has been made a pawn!" - Il’gynoth

The Disks of Norgannon were assumed by the Chronicle to be truth with the Chronicle’s information in fact being the Disks of Norgannon’s own account. In the end they are a big fat lie with the Tribunal of Ages indeed being the truth of what’s going on!

That means we know nothing about what happened to Loken to drive him to frame Sif’s death upon the Frost Giants(or if Loken was even the one to kill Sif and not Mal’Ganis disguised as a Frost Giant).

so close to find something to be mad about, but those characters were in fact all killed and left behind a very normal corpse as opposed the dreadlord corpse of being just pauldrons left behind. There is no conclusive proof that those npcs that were killed were anything but themselves.

He didn’t kill himself. We killed him.

How are they a lie? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Loken had an affair with Sif, the wife of his brother Thorim. Yogg-Saron, from his prison within Ulduar, muddled Loken’s thoughts and made him lash out at Sif, scared at the thought of losing her, and he killed her by accident. Horrified at what he had done but too scared to tell Thorim the truth, Loken tricked Thorim into believing that it had been the work of Arngrim, the king of the frost giants, turning Thorim against his allies. Loken would stop the war between Thorim’s and Arngrim’s forces with an army he had created with the Forge of Wills, but unknown to Loken Yogg-Saron had planted the curse of flesh inside the forge, which would slowly convert titan-forged into flesh and could also spread to those forged before the curse was created.[3]