"just transfer" discussion

How many times do you have to be hit by a car before you learn to move out of the street?

Just once, however youre the one sitting here trying to say just because its happened a few times already, doesnt mean its going to happen again.

Then get out of the road or shut up when the next car hits you.

I admire your patience.

Blizzard has on many countless occasions in Blue posts during TBC Classic said these realms are over capacity and there will be queues. Warning against transferring to them. Could they have locked them sooner, yes but that wouldn’t have changed much there would still be massive queues with so many players coming back who have characters on Bene etc.

They warned people but they refused to listen because of the mentality of “the server is dead unless it’s a mega server” that so many people have.

People leaving Pagle thought 9k was a dead server too back in June/July.

They said have fun on a dead server as they transfered to Bene, said things like “If you can’t afford the $25 you deserve to be on a dead server” etc. Now it’s comer back to bite them and I laugh for those who left Pagle and can’t come back.

The only solution, if we look to modern Retail WoW and their massive servers like Area 52, Dalaran etc, would be Cross Realms which most players do not.

There is no real solution for this, if Blizzard Thanos snapped Bene into two eliminating queue’s players would still complain so they wont.

Point is to do a guild poll on where you guild wants the free transfer too and transfer to said server that has the most votes.

Im staying out of the road, by not taking a free xfer to lower pop realm thats gonna be dead in a few months.

Then lock servers.

FFXIV does this literally all the time.

When a server is over capacity it locks. Blizzard’s refusal to maintain order of their realms at all is what caused this issue, don’t blame the players.

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You missed the point of the analogy. Not transferring is staying in the road. The car is the queue.

Crying about queues is blaming the car for your refusal to move.

Ill bring crayons next time if thatll help you understand.

Servers are locked, my guy. People are refusing to move.


Which they have been, but they feel they need to give 24 hours notice people people are already transferring to said server. If half a guild just transferred to X and the other half are still in the process and the server is locked without warning players will be pissed and Blizzard doesn’t have actual GM’s to finish the transfers to X for each individual player.

It’s a lose lose situation because it’s a player created issue. And the player mentality is keeping them on said locked servers refusing to leave because they believe “All non-mega severs are dead servers” then come crying here because they have a queue.

It’s not that hard to go to your guild discord, create a poll of the free transfer servers, see what the guild says then move the guild to the free transfer of choice.

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I agree that mega servers are the problem
How is a free transfer to a new server a permanent solution? Can you tell me with a straight face that every, or even most of the free transfers have been successful?
What I mean by that is a lot of the transfer servers end up dying. If you read in my post, I personally switched in original classic. Came back to a literal dead server. 0 items in the auction house, a single person in org, dead.

My point is that it is in fact NOT a permanent solution, as I then had to transfer again or be forced to play single player on a server. That’s not just my anecdotal experience, it’s very consistent with a lot of people.

Do you think mega servers would be less of an issue if transfers were actually more consistent? Like, do you think it’s fair players, who did what they were told to do, have to wait on Blizzard to allow them to switch again to another server, only to the servers they allow, or have to pay 25$?
Because there is still a good period where players are just completely stuck with no word from blizzard

No, youre missing it.guild started out on skeram, skeram died, couple grand later, the guild moves to heartseeker, heartseeker died. So, a couple grand later, we decide to move to bene. A server that we can be pretty sure isnt going to die, because dropping a few grand everytime time blizz leaves us high and dry, was getting pretty old by that point. Shelling out money out of pocket, because blizz let servers die, without merging them is the damn car, not que times.

It should be different this time because they slashed off 20 servers that were truly dead 0-100 items max on the AH.

Because of the fewer servers those such as Old Blanchy aren’t going to die.

Dismantling megaservers is the permanent solution, whether done by choice (free xfer) or force (blizzard does something unilaterally).

If enough people leave the servers with queues for other servers and the population spreads - adding 1 brand new server at a time with free transfers in if old destinations fill up -the queues disappear, we never get issues with ACTUAL dead realms and we can all log straight in and play as we see fit.

As it stands, the smoothbrains on Faer/Bene are digging in their heels and doubling down on a bad decision(staying) and thats exacerbating the issue.

You messed up by naming servers, son. Skeram “died” because half its population went to Benediction outright (i wanna be on the streamer server!/i wanna be on the single faction megaserver!) And the other half went to heartseeker because heartseeker was 75/25 A. Literally trying to make a second Bene, a second single faction megaserver.

Then Horde 100% bailed on Heartseeker due to being outnumbered almost 10:1 at the end, all heading to Faerlina. The Heartseeker Alliance decided “hurr y b on da ded babyserver when we can go 2 da BIG MEGASERVER LETS GO BOIZ” and ran to Benediction before it was locked.

You chased a single faction megaserver across two separate servers, by choice, and now want sympathy.

Youre dumb. If youre gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough. Part of being tough is accepting the negative consequences of bad decisions.

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All the people without friends, the ones that want random dungeon finder in the game to supplement their lack of social grace, those people should all transfer.

No, like when it mattered.

Like when Blizzard saw that Faerlina was 5k over capacity. Lock the server.

Right now is a day late, dollar short.

That’s my point. What else is there? Not sure if you read but I did offer ideas / solutions
And your anecdotal experience is not everyone else’s. I even stated mine is also not. I switched back in classic then had no issues with a queue. That’s not my problem. My problem is the lack of communication, options, and reliability. It creates uncertainty, and with that comes reluctance. Which ultimately split my friend group and botched the whole experience.
Blizzard is the company orchestrating all of this. Players make choices, some bad, some good, but ultimately blizzards lack of communication is causing chaos and division.

Thanks for sharing, this is a great way to put things.

I think the “just transfer” crowd never lived through their server dying. I was forced to leave the server I chose on day 1 of classic (Kromcrush ftw) and my guild decided on Faerlina. We transferred all of our toons there, and that was it. I had to pay for 1 transfer of my raiding main, but they opened up free transfers a few weeks later when the server really died.

Still a bit irked I had to pay to leave a dying server before blizz made it free, but I went with my guild. Because “just transfer” in an MMO is not a solution for a player with a group of friends they want to stick with. We lost some fun people in that transfer, and it sucked. I am sure that would happen if we left faerlina now.

The ONLY easy solution I see is if they guarantee free transfers open indefinitely. That way, if/when the queues go away, I can go back with my friends, or any community I choose to join.

And this excuses you not transferring how.

Started on Kromcrush. Youre 100% wrong - again - and are trying to deflect.


I agree. Mega servers suck.
But without being bitter or stubborn, why do you think people are reluctant to leave?
I know some just want to be on a mega server and are being stubborn
At the same time, a huge amount of people (myself included) have already been burned and had friend groups dismantled, been abandoned on servers and forced to switch again. A lot of people did the “right” thing and got screwed. It’s clearly not working and a lot of people are having issues
Is this just all players crying or do you think blizzard should have tried another approach? Is it fair to ask players to switch and divide their community, only to have to switch and divide again? And again? How many times do players need to switch and why should we keep switching? A community driven game can NOT bounce around like this, it isn’t healthy for the game or servers.

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What are you talking about? I started night one. We were going to do Herod, but there were hours long queues. Krom opened up night one.