"just transfer" discussion

Edit 2: I am against mega servers, not on one and AGREE they are a problem. I’m not saying the people being stubborn and refusing to leave mega servers are correct, but if you read you’ll see why I understand the reluctance, and why I think the same approach blizzard keeps using is ultimately failing. Please do not assume a stance I have and take my content for what it is, as you might agree with some of what I’m saying but not all of it, or maybe none of it, who knows.

Edit: This is meant to be a discussion. I know it’s a long post, but if you are going to respond to it, please read it. I promise if you take the time to read and address my points, I will actually read and consider your view. If you actually, fully believe it’s a player problem and just transferring is the solution, or whatever thoughts you might have, articulate that in a reasonable way or please do not respond at all. If you actually fully understand something and have a full, valid opinion on something then you can absolutely take the time to read and discount ANY of my views. If not, then you have a feeling, not a valid opinion or anything of substance.

Why is this the most common response? I see this a LOT, is it bots or do people honestly lack this much comprehension? If you actually feel this way, please feel free to offer an actual explaination, after actually thoroughly reading my post.
So the whole transferring thing to mitigate queues makes sense on the surface. Long queue? Go to server with no queue, then you have no queue, you play game. Wonderful!
As others have mentioned, this is an MMORPG. It is highly dependent on building a community of friends, getting people on the same server. You can, literally, not play the game as intended (IE, with your friends) if you are not on the same server. Ok, so get EVERYONE to take the free transfer? Not bad with a group of 2-5 friends maybe. More than that? It gets complicated, friends of friends playing as well. So a little built up community is going to be divided as not everyone will want to transfer. So now the community is divided. Great fun for a social game, split up communities.
Why not transfer though? It’s free! Surely they are just being entitled, selfish, lazy, right? Well, no. Some of us HAVE taken the free transfers in the past. At first it worked out alright, no queue, though for me personally my friend group was divided and it kind of ruined the experience. I played with just my brother and made the best of it (personal experience, not the best but seems consistent with others). When I inevitably quit playing for a while, I came back and the free server I transferred to was dead. Not like, low population, or “low now but would have been high back in vanilla”, but literally, (not the exaggerated version, but the literal definition of literally) 0 items on the auction house dead. While still technically a playable game, why would I play an MMO on a server that you can’t socialize on? It had a healthy population when I went there. When I came back it was just gone, everyone.
So what are the options after that? Half my friends quit, some transferred else where with free transfers off dead servers, not everyone picking the same server.
Another argument I see as a “counter” to this is it’s a player made issue. While it may seem that way, considering players made choices to go places, however they were being forced to make rushed decisions that will have long-term as well as financial consequences. The “free” isn’t free for ever, and it has stipulations that make it hard or impossible to get a group of people to work with, let alone everyone’s alts.
“You knew this was coming / you should have prepared”. Uh, yeah. If I know I’m going to be hit by a bus but I’m strapped to the road, not sure how much I can do. You know who else knew this was coming / should have prepared? THE BUS DRIVER. This is not a surprise. This happened in classic launch originally and derailed the experience completely. Clearly SOMETHING isn’t working, and while the elitist / community might have partial blame, it ultimately lies on Blizzard. They can’t make people do something but they are ultimately controlling the flow of traffic. If a city is getting jams constantly or people are getting ran over at intersections, it might be to an extent careless drivers but ultimately the city is going to be responsible for poor planning, structure, etc.
Am I going to just complain? Kind of, but I do have some ideas. In my opinion, a major part of the issue isnt the free transfers, those are a great idea. The “just transfer” ideology would hold a lot more merit if, when the server is screwed, we didn’t have to pay 25$ to leave. Per character. 25$ for less than a fart of data to move. Do they sometimes offer ways off the servers for free? Kind of, with stipulation and radio silence. We need a back up plan for when blizz inevitably ghosts us. If transfers at a baseline, to any server for any reason where significantly cheaper, or free (always) with some stipulations, ie week or two, or month lock to prevent server hopping, character downtime for a few hours, something to keep things stable. Just an idea. The argument might be there won’t be a “community” if people can just leave easier, but there already isn’t one. It’s being destroyed constantly. Just let people move around easier, reasonably in a way that will reduce community / economy. I can tell you for a 100% fact though, 25$ / char transfer is NOT it and needs to be trashed.
People need some control or a reasonable fall back, not “well if the server does die then blizzard might let you leave for free, eventually. We’ll let you know soon, possibly.” I think giving a little control to the players could go a long way.
Anyways, that’s my two cents. This is a discussion so I’m open to ideas, criticisms, etc. Just actually read the post and make criticisms based on that, not your ideas or what you think I’m saying, or just posting the same bot posts.

Make an effort or don’t post is all I ask.

Tldr: make transfers to any server cheaper or free with stipulation, all the time. People can’t plan on future stuff that might happen.


“Just transfer guys! Just transfer …your main, your guild, any friends on the server, all your alts and bank alts, any second accounts, your entire guild bank, … duh, its so easy, jUsT tRaNsFeR”

“And oh yeah, if that server you transfer to soon also begins to have long queue times (which has already happened)… thats also your fault, just transfer again duh!”


You don’t need an established guild or community in a social game, who cares if you’ve made friends and a reputation on a social game just abandon it every couple months, duh.

Because it’s a player created problem, players flocked to mega servers despite Blizzard saying you will see server queues. Blizzard has provided free transfers off which people still refuse to take, now they have increased the gold cap u can transfer off, and still people likely won’t transfer.

This is 100% a player problem of players feeling they need to be on a mega server and all other servers are dead. Or that the only way to play WoW is on a mega server etc.

Players are the ones responsible and despite the massive queues still hang tight refusing to transfer while complaining on the forums. Heck Blizzard just increased the gold cap transfer per character to 25k at lv 51+ and people will still refuse to transfer.


Perhaps you should consider transferring?

“I don’t want to transfer so you transfer instead.”

There, explained it for you.

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Because it’s the only option Blizzard is giving

I addressed literally what you just said in my post because the same arguments keep cropping up. I know it’s a long post but please read before responding. I even asked that in my post.

It’s not a player made problem when Blizzards alternatives are poorly communicated, made at the discretion of blizzard and provide no alternatives.

A person, let alone a group of people, cannot count on a maybe transfer eventually off of a dead server after weeks or months of ghosting from blizzard.

The alternative is to fork over 25$/ character, and convincing your whole guild, group of friends, etc to commit that much money to the same server if they haven’t quit.

The free transfers aren’t the problem, it’s the unknowing, lack of communication and lack of alternative / way to back up plan in the event blizzard goes silent.

Please do not respond again if you do not intend to read thoroughly and respond to what I am saying or you are just screaming into a void senselessly.


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This is NOT 100% a player problem. Blizzard has been ‘managing’ this game for over 15 years, they had the ability to identify transfer trends and server populations. An hour que during prime time would’ve been fine but they let it get to a state where there can be over 10k+ people waiting in line to play on a single server. They had the ability to LOCK servers much earlier than they did. Instead, they waited until half the house was completely burned down before calling the fire company. Damage is done and we all get to suffer now due to their negligence.


You literally didn’t read the thread. I have made the transfer. I’ve done this before. I literally asked one thing, to read the thread or don’t respond.

Not sure if I’m unclear, but read and respond. Your response has no substance and addresses literally nothing. If you feel correct in your opinion you should be able to express why and tear down any argument I have.

So I ask again, read and respond.

Because its what you should have done after the prepatch fiasco had queues just as bad as they are right now.

Because its what enough people did off of Faer/Bene that they filled up Sulfuras and Skyfury to being locked while Faer/Bene STILL have 5 digit queues.

Because its literally free.

Megaservers are the problem. They will never be the solution. Blizzard themselves had stated in no uncertain terms that megaservers are untenable. Their queues cannot be fixed by just “adding more space” because there is no more space to add. Saying “add more anyway” is like trying to shove a couch into your bathroom trashcan. No matter how much you insist, the trashcan cant add more space to fit the couch.

For another analogy, you can only bore out and soup up a V6 so much trying to get it over 500 horse before you wind up trashing the entire engine and have to just accept it was a stupid idea in the first place.

Rather than take the free, permanent solution you idiots choose to sit and demand the problem magically vanish instantly without any of you lifting a finger.

Youre being stupid. Stupid deserves to hurt.


Rightfully so because it’s a player issue. Players chose to transfer to mega servers knowing full well there will be queues and many warning for Blizzard.

This is one of the few times Blizzard isn’t at fault.

Player psychology for most players is that they think they MUST be on a mega server and that all other non-mega servers are dead and the only way to play is to be on a mega server.

That mentality makes people refuse free transfers and transfers in general.

Yes I read your opening post and strongly disagree.

But it really is a player problem and not a Blizzard problem.

I’m on Pagle. People before the pre-patch left in droves to Bene saying the server was dead and the only way to play was on Mega Servers. Now many are still stuck there, to which I’m LMAO by the way, where they can’t retransfer back to Pagle.

It’s a player problem period. Surprising for once it isn’t a Blizzard issue.

The only viable solution Blizzard could feasibly apply would be Cross Realm which many classic players, myself included (and is a core principle of no Cross Realm in Classic), do not want.

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It’s both a blizzard and player made problem. Started by players and let run wild by blizzard. They should have done many things in the past, but we don’t have a time machine and we are reaping what we sowed. From what they say (doesn’t matter if you believe them or not, because it doesn’t change the reality of the situation) there isn’t anything they can do.

Its not a permanent solution. Its a temporary solution that leads to another future problem. That a lot of the people on these mega servers have already been through, to many times already.

“Player created problem”?

Players can’t see the exact data on the populations of realms. It’s on Blizzard to maintain order in this regard. If a realm has DOUBLE the capacity it can hold, how did it get that way?

Oh, that’s right. They were happy to collect all the transfer money and now that it’s an issue it’s a “player created problem.”

Get out of here lol.


Ah yes, the tired old

if its not a single faction permalocked megaserver its a dead server OR IT WILL BE SOMEDAY

Ive been over this but for the sake of being thorough ill say it again. Stop pretending you have absolute knowledge of the future. You have exactly zero way of knowing with certainty what hand youre gonna scratch your :peach:with next. Let alone whether or not a server is going to die in a month, 6 months, a year or ever.

Youre hiding behind that strawman excuse to avoid having to admit you made the wrong decision before by making the right one now.

Be a man and accept you screwed up. Doubling down on a bad decision knowingly is worse than the bad decision by itself was.

It’s sad that people think 3k~ faction population is a dead server.

How many times would you need to piss on an electric fence, before you realize, its going to hurt evertime?

So, here’s the issue. You’re assuming that when someone like me tells you to just transfer that we haven’t already taken all of the nuance that is in your wall of text into consideration. We have, and we understand it. Yet, we still disagree.

We tell you to transfer because that is your only option… What else is there? There are no better servers that Blizzard could buy and all of the crap that people offer as a suggestion to fix queues have all been made before and are non-solutions that would cause more harm than good.

Queues have been around since the dawn of MMOs, and at the end of the day this is a player choice problem. It is fundamentally a frontal lobe issue. Top down executive issue. Why do I not have server queue issues? Why have I never had server queue issues? Am I just lucky? Or did have to do with my choices? My choice of servers? It’s like…free will, man.