Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


Nerfed content due to patches seems to be the problem. Classic should’ve started at 1.0 or use 1.0 mob database. Sure, people are better today but simply having higher raw stat is enough to significantly increase difficulty.


Agreed completely


That’s probably peoples alt they are posting on to support themselves by liking their own posts and sh it


classis is ok way it is
I don’t think will ever sea the very frist oringel wow again it would be fun
but classic is good enough close to it


A lot of the Retail players are upset about two things…

• Classic is too hard for them
• A lot of people left Retail for Classic and won’t ever come back


more like retail is p2w CC=herloom grear==game p2w


imagine thinking vanilla wow content was ever supremely difficult


At the time I posted this I couldn’t post on my Classic character because it was early in Classic and they had not added that feature yet. I noted this in the first few comments of the post.


You will never ever ever win the argument with these retail kids. Their entire sense of self-worth is vested in the concept that classi was easy, they are superior, and they know everything.

Cuz yeah…some rational amount of “research and experience” would prevent a mob from 1 shotting you on occasional if you didn’t get your shield block up and had an unlucky crush string (which PS never happens now, regardless of your gear in MC).

But they’ll spew 1,000 posts here telling us it’s simply having blues from dugneons, and “15 years of knowledge” that has changed that.

That somehow not having to cc, literally anything at all, while leveling, all the way up to 60, using 0 CC is just because we’re “better gamers” and not at all related to damage numbers ;)…you can’t win an argument with fanatics who are complete entrenched and vested with 1 side being right. It’s just like politics in that respect and these poeple are the fanatic climate protesters that wont have rational discussions about facts.


They always forget to mention that BWL was cleared up to Nef on the day it came out in Vanilla, because stuff like that ruins the narrative of “Nerfed Classic”


No one ever got one-shot without Shield Block in Vanilla doing Molten Core. Literally nothing ever hit that hard, you’re just flagrantly lying.

Are you aware of classes like Druids who can only Hibernate limited types of mobs and whose Entangling Roots does crap-all for casters? Or Paladins who only have a stun and nothing else? Not everyone is a Mage that spec’s like they’re made of paper.

I can’t wait for someone to dispute this with some inane story about the impossibility of Razorgore or Vael or similar… but then again most of the criers are just making things up at this point.


The only genuinely impossible fight was C’thun pre-bugfix, and that was, as stated, mostly due to bugs with his tentacles appearing in places they weren’t supposed to.

Then again, some people still think you need 150 Fire resistance as a DPS, or that you can control how Onyxia Deep breaths (spoiler alert, you can’t, it’s random), so maybe the vanilla rumors and such never went away.


Just so you know, am playing fun Classic. Nerfed, buffed, hard, easy… I’m having a BLAST!


Yes, we’re all aware of that.



I’m convinced the rumor-mill style “strategies” that we all fell prey to 15yrs ago are still alive and well. Folks are INSISTENT that things are different from what they once were, even in the face of contrary patch notes, change logs, etc.


There’s definitly something off about the stats.
I remember when I was raiding MC in 2006. My mage had 2k HP and around 4K Mana. That was in BRD/Strat Blues, with a few epics from MC.

Fast forward to today, I’m only level 40 and already have 3800 mana, with 1800 HP.


It’s very obvious things are off, painfully so. I hope the community doesn’t just take this laying down and continues to speak out more


Taht’s what’s so funny, it IS obvious things are off. You can tell in almost every single fight. You can look at Gollemag who can’t even get a single stack on a tank with blue gear the entire fight until he dies… ) stacks. But trolls like Plaguelust come in here with their ego attached to every post they have because of such insecurity can’t even for a moment admit this is not the same code/stats/abilities that were in classic. Of course, the guy probably never even played original wow, he just trolls every thread for the fun of trolling. He never actually disputes anything you specifically say, he just says things like . “You don’t even have to cc in dungeons at all all the way to level 60” and his response will be “druids only have hibernate”…I mean…wow lol just wow


no. not the same patch. has been debunked a thousand time. moving on.


Food for thought:

APES fastest rag kill on Northdale at Naxx gear level was 77 seconds.

Their current speed at this gear level (pre-raid blues/MC/Ony) is 73 seconds.