Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


Yes, I too rely on gut reactions of people who can’t justify a single complaint…

You seem to be having a bad day.

Didn’t the private servers up Armor and Resistances to make the game harder while also getting stacking buffs/debuffs wrong?


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This doesn’t surprise me at all. I see mages AoE farming and they’re doing things where they should have been OOM. CoC and AE were extremely mana inefficient.


Xanthak doesn’t understand how Vanilla-era stats or Mages work in order to favor conspiracies about Classic tuning. News at 11.

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Nerfed for whiners, yes.

People couldn’t handle having their AH experience broken by random warlocks summoning wild demons.


Bael’Gar before the nerfs was like a raid boss basically. Getting to Emperor was a big deal.
The chick in Scholo was insane. That whole room leading up to her, you didn’t want to step foot in that place without a priest or paladin.

I remember back in the day it was harder to get in groups if you were certain classes/specs. Now it doesn’t really seem to matter. Lots of dungeons being spammed like no tomorrow, reminds me of WotlK a little bit.


LOL plague is such a bad troll. He can’t even think of comebacks now.


What nerfs?

Not really, the Lyceum was never hard, just obnoxious when randoms couldn’t stick together. Lack of AoE classes made it slower to be sure, but nothing in that room was strictly dangerous. Everything else is the usual 3-5 mob pulls and just meant time, not necessarily effort, to get to Emperor.

Or you lava-skipped like all the Druids had been doing for years.

I’ve never understood the hatred over Jandice, and the room was just obnoxious for magic damage dealers because of the immunities. The debuff problem existed far worse in UD Strat if you lacked magic/disease cleanse.

This… this is a bad thing? Nothing quite like Vanilla as a Druid looking for one last DPS for Scholo, while wearing Bonering Helm, Breastplate of Bloodthirst, and a Cadaverous piece or two and being told there’s no way a Druid could Tank it. I’m glad some of that stupidity is gone.

If you’re trying to actually attack me you need more than middle school attacks. Easiest way to shut me up is to prove me wrong.


God himself could come down and smite you, and state 2 plus 2 equals 4 and you would be like “naw bro, I got this” You can’t prove anythign to people like you, your entire existence is sipmly to troll.

I’m still waiting for you to explain how after 4 fights of golemaag he’s been unable to get more than 1 stack on a tank with no epics face palm…dont bother…it’s goin gto be some silly answer


So you got nothing?

What do epics have to do with resisting a fire debuff application on-hit? Do I need to explain RNG to you and the resist table? There’s a reason I didn’t have to back out at all despite DPSing in Cat Form but our Tanks had to swap twice and it isn’t because of nerfs. You get lucky sometimes.

Your complaint is the equivalent of “How is it fair that a Warrior DPS can get back-to-back HoJ procs!!!”

Post a log if you think something is actually amiss, otherwise you’re just whining about dice rolls.


OHHHHHHHHHHH…so…your argument that the MC we fight in today is the same as the MC we fought 15 years ago is because “what does that have to do with a debuff”…again, like the ridiculous troll you are…you can’t explain to anyone why golemagg (amoung a thousand other examples this is just a fperfect one) can’t get any stacks on tanks righ tnow…because it’s the same code right

Noone’s wearing any ‘fire resist gear’ on him…so yeah debunked that ridiculous comment. You have no explanation because the obvious one your ego can’t handle.

And you wonder why literally no one respects you here. unreal man unreal


It does stack on Tanks… are you just not reading? It is a chance to proc effect when attacking. Do you not know how the mechanic works?

You are buffing Mark of the Wild yes? And most groups will have a Fire Resistance Aura/Totem as well so just those alone give you a non-zero chance of resisting. Again, do I need to post the resistance table so you understand how dice rolls work?

Oh okay.


Oh…we must all submit to this guy! He has finally debunked all theories…

Because in 2006 we did not have totems, or fire resist auras. LOL…#ignored…you are useless


Do you have a log of Tanks actively smashing the boss and never getting a stack? Because otherwise you’re just screaming into the void. This is absurd.

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Alright look. Burden of proof is on you. What was nerfed and by how much?

I mean I could say my experience was nerfed because there’s no wall hopping, which means 10% of the land of Azeroth is now inaccessible vs. what we could back then, but your examples were in PvE.

What PvE nerfs happened?


Oh…you just ofnwed yourself. If this is the same game with the same code why is there no wall walking? lol

No the burden of proof is on you. Show me 1 tank with more than 2 stacks. Noone who actually played vanilla wouuld even dispute that golemag had no problems accumulating stacks. No rational preson at least. You guys are just absolute trolls. Any time you are provided any point, fact, item all you do is misdirect and deny or outright lie, or worse you just make stuff up out of your behind.

Which is why there’s no point debating with you, as I said the only purpose for your existance is to login to these forums, posting as your retail accounts ( no surprise there) and try to tell everyone how superior you are. It’s a joke lol again, why no one respects anything you’ve said on any of these threads sad sad

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I know why there’s no wall walking. Do you know what you’re talking about? “Easier” is a subjective discussion and we could go back and forth for hours while not having said anything.

Either the HP/armor/damage on the thing had to have decreased, or your damage increased, or both.

Which one is it and by how much? Exactly why is it easier? – because I honestly don’t see it.

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If it’s very obvious, then you should be able to provide loads of substantial evidence.

Feelings aren’t evidence, btw.


You heard it here first folks, the lack of glitches involving terrain translates to PvE encounter nerfs!


3 stacks on this guy


4 stacks on this guy

Seriously, just look at any log. The application has two dice rolls. First roll is every time you attack Golemagg you have a chance to proc the debuff. The second dice roll is to check whether or not you resist the application of the debuff. Nothing has changed.

This, a thousand times this.

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I think the people who have gotten into MC/Onyxia are just significantly more optimized in their gear/gameplay choices then they were before.

I think I do significantly more damage now in blues and greens then I did when I played WoW back in 2004 before BWL came out and just picked up anything that was purple or had more str.

It’s not that Classic was nerfed, it’s just that the classes in 1.12 are better then 1.1-1.4 and we all know exactly how to optimize our specs. The game is figured out.

The only way Blizzard could combat that would be to buff raid bosses, but #nochanges so…


Who cares, pve is a joke anyway. If youre playing classic for the pve aspect theres probably something wrong with you.