Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


What are we paying them 15$ a month for then.
I sure as hell don’t pay them to make changes. All they had to do was remake vanilla patch by patch. If they can’t do that they don’t deserve 15$


because… you … were… TERRIBLE!!

99% of you were complete crap at the game in vanilla, and so was i.

but now its 15 years later.

you have become exponentially better at the game. even if the bosses hit harder in classic

that wouldnt change the fact that this game is easy


I’m paying $15 a month for some watered down bullsheet? No I knew this was tuned down. It’s actually a joke. It’s 2 easy. You hit the hotspots for farming and you are on your way. Tune it up!


Its worth $15 right now, classic is actually fun and a challenge sometimes. Patch by patch would have taken forever.

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Lol. Hey 15 years ago some us were your age now. And the game was already figured out then also. Mind boggling that some werent pimply faced teens eh?


fixed the OP for accuracy


Hm. Lol some people


Yet you’re still having people wiping from too big of a pull in ZF…


One thing that has puzzled me is how effective mage aoe has been. Unlike raiding there was a lot of work on leveling and gold making back in vanilla. It was well discussed and everyone thought hunters and locks were the best by far. Is overall mob health less in 1.12? I do recall paladin plus mage being an aoe strat and that would jive with how tanks can aoe during farming and leveling in bfa. Mob health was increased there so the aoe power shifted to them.

Or did mages get a late buff and no one noticed in the way that 1.12 druids were alot better at tanking early raids but no one noticed because it was so late in vanilla? If that were true I would think it would’ve been known during TBC with very similar leveling.


If this is factually true I don’t understand why people get mad when it’s brought up


i didnt even say you were teens… I said you were bad

anyone can be bad at a game… doesnt matter how old you are…

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You are paying 15 bucks a month to be entittled to log into their servers and play their game, nothing else.


Because some people hate Classic and they want people to think it was just this way originally.


The average player base understands raiding mechanics more than back then. The only way to make a challenging raid would be to release a new raid. Even naxx which very few people did in vanilla, will be drastically easier, because of how many people did it in wotlk. AQ might be the hardest raid this time around because it was never integrated in an expansion, so not everyone has practice with the mechanics already.


Another one that’s lost on the wrong forum
They really need to start putting more traffic signs in here


When you post in the classic forums under a retail character you’re either trolling or hiding for some reason.

That and I don’t speak retail.

What’s this guy saying?

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Vanila is an easy game to figure out right? So people magically got smarter lol? 1.12 is a different game. Classic is a different game then what the overall experience was.


wrong, that was in the burning crusade prepatch.

How do we know? We still are seeing meeting stones instead of summoning stones.

Also, you might be having an easier time due to experience, not that the game was ‘nerfed’.

They DID fix some coding issues, like shaman two handed talent reset and monsters doing ‘infinite parry’ but that’s about it.


You mean all us people that have been playing older builds of the game for years on private servers?
It really wasn’t that long ago


1.12 is an accumulation of nerfs over the previous patches. For example in Classic when they released AQ they also nerfed MC and BWL to help people catch up in gear. I think the point is they should have released all the raids in their original form during the phase in which they are relevant, minus of course maybe AQ needing the one nerf that it needed even back in vanilla.