Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


Yeah so? Paying mmoney doesn’t entitle you to anything over anyone else. Stupid idotic posts are still stupid.


Much like yours?


Let him send you one of his achievements to legitimize his arguments. It worked so well before


Refail is that way------------------------------------------>

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I was leveling a priest and there were some elite quests along the way.

I was absolutely surprised to find out that I was able to solo the elites. It just meant I had to self-heal a bit, but soloing elites was never something that I would have considered back in 2004.

I think the entire point of having elite quests was to encourage players to work together, it’s unfortunate this isn’t required in classic.

And the whole AOE farming business is unfortunate, but I gather that mage AOE was buffed significantly leading up to 1.12 and it’s a sad side effect.


[Citation needed]

Which doesn’t matter because damage DoTs are paltry and you can bring all the essential DPS enhancing debuffs right now and it sits at exactly 8.

This is laughably stupid.

You mean like the decrease in Defense on gear in 1.10?

They layer hopped to make respawns come quicker, that’s all. People solo’d their in Vanilla, I know I did, and it was a day’s worth of effort at best.

The “best guilds” had Rogues spamming Feint and not using Slice and Dice while wearing 150+ FR while fighting Ragnaros despite killing him when his melee range knockback was BUGGED to let melee hit him without eating the knockback.

Yeah. No. 1.12 didn’t magically make an idiot Rogue do better damage, the idiot Rogue learned to be less of an idiot.


Is that why some people on private servers used to complain that the game was hard, even though most private servers used BC values?

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This thread is filled with QQ and very little substance. You want to claim something, prove it with a citation.

Most of the changes everyone is crying about making the game easier either never happened or had something else offset them. It’s hard to accept that the player base was just not as capable as they are today.


Thank you for proving you never played vanilla, also love how you just spewed BS thinking you know anything about classic too, pretty funny you got how apes downed Rag so quickly so damn wrong like 100% of the trash you just typed.

(hint they had a crap load of mages aoe grind mobs for the item for MC)

I’d love to make fun and point out every damn flaw you just posted but it’s not worth the time dealing with something so freaking stupid, like I literally had to pause myself multiple times reading your post thinking to myself “did he really just say and just pulled it out of thin air”.


You know you can see my Legacy/FoS achievements the same as I can see yours right?

Translation: You have no clue how to actually respond so you’re going to insult and scurry off.



I don’t need to respond cause literally everything you said was wrong and or stupid, I’m not gonna waste my time with the trash you just spewed…actually I need to put you in your place cause you honestly thought patch 1.10 was the defense nerf when in reality it was patch 1.7 (which was also the patch debuff limit was raised from 8 to 16) but hey, clearly I’m the one who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

/drop mic :fire:


So you got nothing but a misplaced patch number that still doesn’t refute the larger point that itemization didn’t actually change in one way, nor did the itemization changes generally actually benefit the specs we’re seeing dominate.

But hey… you got those Deathbone pieces upgraded from green to blue… too bad most of the speed parses have Tanks using pure TPS items.

You know how I know you’re full of crap? You have to rely upon broad generalizations rather than anything of substance to prove a point. Go any deeper than superficial statements and the argument falls apart.

But go on, impress me more with your lack of understanding.


You wanted herp derp no changes, and dogpiled, insulted and ganged up on anyone who dared suggest that Blizzard adjust the game while keeping it’s feel and values. 1.12 was the most stable version of the game which is why even private servers used it (with the updated itemization, which won’t be in Classic until Phase 5 I think) and, guess what, made changes to it (whether intentional or due to guessing) so it was more challenging than it really was.

Well you got #NoChanges, buddy. How does the saying go? You made your bed, now sleep in it. Anyone whining that it’s too easy, blame the no changers for it.


I have found dungeons a little too forgiving as a healer if we get an add or something it rarely causes a wipe and I usually still have mana and I heal as full enhancement (I keep a int spirit set handy)

as far as questing that seems about the same it is a struggle to take on multiple mobs and trying to kill mobs one or two levels above you is not really worth attempting unless your a hunter due to misses etc and if you do kill it you have to eat.


What an absolutely disingenuous and disgusting argument.

If you like Classic and difficulty it means you hate the downtrodden, more at 11.

BFA sucks but don’t take my word for it. Look at Blizzard’s tanking stock prices. But at least you got your ‘all-inclusive’ content, right?

There’s a quote from Jeff Kaplan from the 2005 Blizzcon where he mentions on the raid design panel how much bigger and exciting the world feels when there is unbeaten bosses out there and you give players something to aspire to and that is something that LFR and tools like it have utterly decimated. I would care a lot more about BFA’s raid dungeons if there weren’t 3-4 difficulty levels or whatever it is now. I would care a lot more about raiding in BFA if I knew I could get back in the top guild on the server like in Vanilla/TBC and be the first one killing X boss because no one else can get there.

It damages the game in entirety when you just release loot pinata versions of raids in the name of being ‘inclusive’. There’s no reason for it anymore, especially in a world where people can just youtube the fights and cinematics before they even go loot pinata it anyway.

And you know. On one of the private servers I played on we had a hunter who was disabled. Dude literally played with a pencil in his mouth and he still got a raid spot in Blackwing Lair so you know, shut up with your “Oh the disabled, the forgotten, wah wah.”



actually private servers would have their own “bubble” versions of wow in some cases over tuning it to make it harder. btw just to really jab the knife in deep nostalrius you remember the biggest and the baddest of the wow van servers was running wow 1.12 … weird it’s the same patch that classic launched with


Well I wish everyone would realize neither Retail nor Classic is difficult.
Retail - normal geared characters are sturdy and practically hard to die when leveling and even stronger when full of raid gear. (can’t say Epics because those are handed out like candy to kids on Halloween) Raids do have many more mechanics and this so with this they give you hard to kill characters.
Classic - normal geared characters have to be a bit more careful when questing since it takes a bit longer to kill mobs and you are a bit squishy. Raids do have basic mechanics but since you are a bit squishy you do have to pay attention. Epics, not too many around yet on our server that I have seen. There have been one or two in our guild from drops. We don’t have a daily quest giver giving them away so there is some satisfaction when people get one. Heck, I was happy the other day getting my first helm at level 32 with +6 Strength and +6 Spirit.
Either way you play the game it is because of the gameplay, style etc… One is quick quick quick style while the other is taking your time and enjoying the scenery. To each their own and no need to argue.

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How about keeping those subs? Especially during down times.

Fact is, it is in Blizzards best interest to make it retail friendly.

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It’s not about difficulty. It’s about time spent. Retailers have a lower effort to reward ratio and it’s really too bad.


People have been posting the evidence all over the place. Please don’t ask for it to be reposted again.