Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


Sub numbers of BFA is all the argument one needs. Its a terrible mmo according to the people subbing and compared to the current influx of players on classic it shows how severly lacking the game is.

There, great debate. go back to retail if you think its so much better.

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You are saying that people should be made to play together more, and what is now available/required is inadequate.

You have said that calling for help in general chat as people do is insufficient, and people are not interacting enough or in the right way.

You said these things about what is happening right now.

A lot of these zones are now depopulating as the early waves of players have already leveled up, and newer players hear that questing in certain zones is very hard to do and should not even be attempted.

So what are players to do? Soon no one will be able to complete quests in some of those zones, as there will be no one able to help them.

Yet you still want even more force grouping…


Cant prove any of that. But you can debate it all you’d like

bnack to original topic.

Vanilla was easy and Classic is just the same.


I like how you claim vanilla was easy based on the 1.12 patch you currently play now. Nvm the previous patches you probably have not even experienced yourself and are just claiming it now. So no proof either for “vanilla was easy”. Eh just stop.


But it was though and the choice they made to have 1.12 is cut and paste by the developers was to allow everyone of every varying skill sets to enjoy the game equally and not have to muck around and change much. Thats been beaten into oblivion already. Everyone was cool with it last year because it was no changes and yada yada and blah blah blah.

But now the problem isn’t 1.12, its simply because the game is 15 years old and everyone knows everything about it. And it proves it’s not the patch that made it easy, it’s the knowledge and people and ability to forgoe all the things that were instilled into our heads about being mandatory then but now we know better that, just like we suspected before, that we can get away with a lot more because it was just as easy then but the biggest thing that made it hard was that the majority of it was still unknown.

The other patches were just as easy, cutting a couple hundred HP off a boss to make it accessable to the more casual audience later in the game does not make ot break the game. 5% of the Classic population is going to cry “THIS IS TOO EASY! YOU’RE BEING DUPED THEY NERFED EVERYTHING” while the silent majority going into end game content that doesn’t have the skill set will go “Hey that was a fun game I’m so fortunate to be able to enjoy it!”


Im saying that BFA does barely anything to force players to interact. It has nothing to do with grouping per se. It was just an example.

Classic forces you to grp, to interact, to do something with other players. Isnt that why you play the game? it doesnt even do it in an obnoxious way either, because you can log in and just play for yourself no problem. There are just certain things you can not do without others, and nobody forces you to do them either.
If I interact in general chat its by my choice not because I have to.

And if, which btw i have yet to experience myself because I can not confirm your claim, lower level zones are so dead you can not do stuff… well luckily you can skip the elite quests and still get to 60.

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Why are you posting that BfA doesn’t do enough to force players to “interact” in the Classic forum, without even saying you’re talking about BfA?


Who the hell cares? I dont interact with people in Classic either aside of quips about BS in dungeons and once we’re out of them I barely ever see them again. Who caaaaaaaaares about what BFA does.

ya know what BFA does? It allows some poor soul whos depressed or can’t talk, the disabled, the forgotten, and the wretched to be able to enjoy content just as much as the top tier raider in the world, not the same reward but at least they got to experience it. Why do you hate that so much? And why do you hate those types of people so much?


yikes, so many opinions stated as fact its not even funny anymore.

“Everyone was cool with 1.12”… lol really? No, people have been complaining forever it was not cool. Because everyone even remotely familiar with this patch or the private server variant of it knows how easy it is. Nobody is surprised how easy the game is now, everyone who knows anything about it has been advocating exactly this months before the beta. Here as well as on the EU forums.

The “it was unknown” argument does not hold well. Yes a lot of it is easier because everything is out there available to read upon on for players nowadays so ofc its easier than when everyone started fresh. But it isnt what makes the game “easy”. There is plenty of ppl who have never played this game clearing ZF without any wipes on their first try, aggroing 2 pats on their main pull and still surviving. The game was just made easy at the end of its life cycle. Again im not saying previous patches were undoable, but it was just a lot harder and wipes were more frequent, resuling in less progress and more time invested.

You claim the other patches were just as easy cause of HP on bosses. I just know you have never even played vanilla. Because your alleged HP nerf wasnt the issue at all. And it wasnt what made the game “hard” or rather tedious. Just stop it if you cant even begin to grasp the root of the issue here


You literally started this conversation with me because I called retail a failure and now you wonder why i go back to BFA to elaborate my argument. The hell man?


Protip, you know all you have to do is look at a player profile and look at a couple achievements to see whether or not a person was actually active during Vanilla? It’s the best part of having a retail character on classic forums so if you want to call BS you can look before you make a fool of yourself :slight_smile:
So with that said I wont repond to the rest, I’ll just assume you’re dumb from this point forward and have no clue what you’re talking about

But it’s cool, stay bitter as all get out. The silent majority out there is enjoying the game immensely while you’re being bitter about a patch


HAHAHA okay there achievement boy lol


I’m only trying to help you, is all. So you dont seem so… whatever you’ve been trying to accomplish… the next time around.


Okay link the achievement
please. Just show me, what achievement, says you played vanilla before 1.12

No pressure, take your time.


Well the fact that I have an honorable rank, dont let the benediction fool you or anything, and the various raid/pvp/etc achievements and all as well. Ya know just think that will help you identify those who’ve been around before you make silly little arguments with people, considering you’re someone who clings so hard to “facts” and all.

GG though. Back to topic. Vanilla was easy, albeit time consuming, and Classic is shaping up to be around the same.


So you can not prove you played it before 1.12? Got it, keep pretending 1.12 was nothing but a Health Point change in bosses. Makes you look real smart.

Edit. Not to mention that the rank and benediction doesnt help either lol


At least I have something to legitimately look at to give a pretense instead of just basing “facts” on simply the word of some random 29 classic rogue


so many idiotic posts from people not even on wow Classic toons.


You do not have anything legitimate. You direct me towards achievements, something that has never ever even touched vanilla (thank god), and you can not even link one to prove your claims.

And the only claims are an “honor rank” or “benediction” which means absolutely nothing.

Now if you had just said: I played vanilla and just stopped there, fine, I do not know could be. But you started to bring up changes on patches… thinking 1.12 is just a HP nerf and that apparently that makes everything before easy too.

Like I know from your typing that you havent played the original game. I just know cause I played it. Period. Idc if you believe me or if anyone else does, I just know you did not play the original game and if you did, some late almost died down version of it.

So ye, nobody cares man, just keep pretending its easy. You have no clue.


Dont have to be wow classic toons, nor does that justify any legitimate knowledge of how things were 15 years ago. All that simple means is we’re both spending 15 dollars a month

Just stop Val, you’ve already proven to not know anything. We dont need to you cling unto dear life just for the sole reason of being stubborn. We already know