Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


You mean the “evidence” from private servers that admittedly made it harder (hey guess what, those are changes) and were summarily debunked by Blizzard as not being bugs?

Other than legit bugs I have yet to see any evidence of note from the whiners that it’s anything other than legit based on Blizzard’s actual reference client.


No, I mean patch notes.

Look them up yourself.


The fact 1.12 changed things? I don’t get what you mean since 1.12 is the same version private servers were running. Or are you saying there’s later changes in the client that shouldn’t be there?


Mmmmm I don’t think anything in classic holds a candle to mythic raids in live.


The BC prepatch came after 1.12 tho…


Except in this thread, apparently.


Dont stop. Keep preaching.


This is what I think too, we have better internet, better servers and knowledge and experience related to this old content. Even if they buffed the content beyond the original wow experience, players from today will find ways to beat the content faster then the people 15 years ago were able to do. I am re-living the experience as it was.


I just went through all patch notes from every patch between 1.5 (which was around the time of the first Rag kill) to 1.12 … I didn’t find a single patch note mentioning any nerf to all PvE difficulty.

The only change of note was the increase in the debuff limit from 8 to 16, which came with 1.7 in September, 2005 … approximately 16 months before the release of TBC


honestly, the idea that we are playing post-nerf makes me pretty sad

EDIT: which I understand, is an area of active discussion here (whether or not that’s true)

(Xanthak) #349

pre beta. pre new look classic forums, a bunch of us were warning everyone that 1.12 was going to be terrible.



Yet the lauded private servers used 1.12 too (albeit they increased the difficulty,) and there were seemingly no issues there, AND those had the better itemization which Classic doesn’t have yet. So basically, no changes was a bunch of crap since no changes were based on a version of the game that had changes.


1.12 is the best version of classic which is why they picked it.


Not necessarily, I lost my characters in account trading and sharing which I did a lot in vanilla into BC.

Including my Original T2.5 rogue :frowning:

I don’t know why I did this, maybe it was more common back then for some reason. Maybe others have as well.


I think what you really mean to say is: You want the same experience that vanilla wow gave you but in a new world (wow2).


good lv120 post


My disappointment is immeasurable, and my month is ruined.


This post was made 3 days after Classic came out. You couldn’t even post on the Classic forums with a Classic character at that time. Calm down susie


Resorting to insults shows a lack of constructive or relevant arguments.


I agree, the private servers were much better then the classic realms sadly.