Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


Why is this a surprise to anyone? Blizzard extensively advertised what patch level the Classic client was going to have. Compound that with the knowledge and experience from 15 years of WoW, the YEARS of folks who played Private Servers, and people are going clear Rag and Ony in greens.

If they released the game as the 1.0 version everything would be horribly unbalanced, they had to choose a patch and frankly picking the most “complete” patch of Pre-BC content with the most balancing and tweaking makes sense.

Did you expect Blizz to release the game with Pally Reckoning bug? Or the the Baron Geddon bomb pet glitch?


We never needed CC in dungeons. It was nice but it wasn’t necessary. Players are just much better now. Muuuuch better now. That’s why you don’t see people leveling with wrong specs and such like they did in Vanilla either. As far as world first Vanilla players being no slouches, watch some videos from the time period, they were pretty bad.

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Awww… haven’t been to Duskwood yet, and Stitches would have been my #1 reason to go there.



Ok so… they only had 1.12 game files.

But they do have every patch note.

Why can’t they unpatch the game files using the documentation of what they changed to the game? : /

Example: Boss spell nerfed 30% <— Why can’t they just undo that stuff?
It would take them work because they would essentially be developing reverse patch note changes as new patches.

How many people are playing classic? It wasn’t worth the effort? :frowning:

Feels very “computer says nooooooooo”


The game is just like I remember it, not very challenging but time consuming and cumbersome. Using some earlier patch would make it a bit more challenging, but this “super hard” mmo experience that people raved about for years will never come back, even if they did use one of those early patches.


They said this will be 1.12 vanilla and everyone was okay with that 1 year ago at the Blizzcon, 1.12 with nochanges implied this is post nerf content lol

Blizzard have done what we have said was fine :wink:

Now we are crying that MC is easy… #nochanges is not always the best option!

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The problem is people suspect that the game is stealth nerfed beyond 1.12 in order to shorten the longevity of the game.

Keep in mind that Blizzard has a BFA agenda.


Wow. You people are really dumb.


How do they have a BFA agenda when you need to pay for live in order to play classic?

A sub is a sub.


The game is 15 years old
Nothing was nerfed
Playing it in a patch thats centric to vanilla and within the vanilla time frame that appeals to everyone

Do you honestly the challenge to be there over a 15 year old game thats been theory crafted to death?
It’s still fun and all, but it wasn’t challenging then


it not nerfed though van wow was hard not because of actual difficulty but because of lack of information combined with lack of skill. sites like wowhead did not exist heck the internet was nothing like it is today. then you put in shunning of mods yea there was actual push back against mods back in the day thankfully that died off combined with people just not understanding how actualy play the game what stats were important what skills to take etc.


Thanks for doing this, falling on deaf ears though, everyone wants a participation trophy or to think there generation has made significant leaps forward. It’s snowflake syndrome I created a similar post asking to tune to be more representative of when content was released and not end of xpac people don’t want to see truth.


No, the OP is correct. This game isnt the original WoW vanilla people experienced over 10 years ago. Granted the knowledge about the game was scarce back then and you have people perfecting their routines to death now but the fact remains that the current patch is a cookie cutter version of the original game.

Hell I do dungeons with people on my classic realm right now that have never ever even tried vanilla before and either came from BFA or started WoW for the first time and its still too easy. Every leveling dungeon right now from DM to BRD was designed for a patch that was not 1.12. Its the patch where cross bgs were a thing so this was at the very very end of vanilla and right before the BC pre patch. The game was not challenging anymore it was made easy to get fresh people to rush/enjoy the given content.

People who are familiar with old school WoW knew this and have advocated this ever since the decision of blizzard 1.12 would be the only and final patch has been made public.

I mean its still better than retail, but ye its not original vanilla and tbh everyone who played vanilla knew this.


I don’t want to say we were all just bad at the game back then.

but I was also watching an old Death and Taxes video of them killing Nefarian and saw keyboard turners and holy paladins using Sulfuras in the raid.

So… you know, maybe we also weren’t as good as some people are suggesting.


better than retail is, again, debatable. But it wasn’t difficult back then just as much as it’s not difficult now.

The choice of 1.12 was a choice that everyone can enjoy. Is it at the expense of the most hardcore nerds that make in in MC in week 1? Yes. but there are 99% of the population that aren’t and are enjoying it still. Regardless of how you feel about nerfs/buffs it was still the most balanced and best choice they could make to satisfy the majority.

I’m way more casual than I was 14 years ago but even then 14 years ago it was still drop dead easy content. My only limitation was time to invest. We’re talking about a game thats over a decade old, and looking back half the stuff I did then I understand now was entirely unnecessary to begin with.


No its not debatable. As a MMO retail is a failure. It does everything it can to avoid actual player interaction. LFG/LFR are not interactions its just you being put into the same grp with strangers doing raids that are easier than any single player game on any “normal” difficulty. WoW has been bad since WotlK, which was already really bad but still endurable if you compared it to Cata.

You just say stuff that has no basis. The choice of 1.12 was the choice of the most cost effective way (cheapest!) to recreate vanilla. They could have done progressive patches and let us relive the original game which would have been fresh for private server veterans as well as new players because no private server before has ever done this. It would have kept the game fresh for years and it would be something new in the scene. Ofc the old patches were not perfect but the game was not as easy as it is now.

It would mean that the old (no doubt flawed) talent trees would litter these forums and people would whine why 1.12 wasnt chosen to begin with, but id rather have that then most of the casuals here complain how easy the game was. You are literally playing one of the last patches before BC where blizzards goal was nothing but to get everyone as fast and as easily as possible to 60 so they can buy the new expansion. Grats


I would absolutely say they were slouches in 2004. A lot of players back then (even a lot now) didn’t know what a rotation was. When you have 15 years to learn the game inside and out, obviously you’re going to be clearing T1 raids in a week. Look at retail, where the raids are WAY harder, and still being cleared very quickly upon release by the people who know what they’re doing.

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Lots of quests that were “easily soloable” according to contempory wowhead comments are now tuned so they are difficult to impossible to complete without a group. Mob health, damage, aggro, respawn time, and density make a lot of non-elite quests un-soloable.

How much more do you want players to be forced to play with other players that you are demanding inauthentic changes to the game to meet your nouveau demands?

Wow was always the game people could log in and play whenever they were able to, regardless of whether they were able to find a group or not. You want to change it to everquest now.


It’s debatable.

And Vanilla was easy. That debatable too.
And classic is just as easy. So get used to it. It isn’t going to change any time soon


I do not understand your point? Nothing about my post suggests “nouveau demands”.

All I am saying is that do not come here claiming this game was easy when you played the absolute cookie cutter version of it. This patch was one of the last before pre patch bc and the game was hellish easy back then and nobody really gave a damn about it anymore either because BC was coming soon.

Im not saying the 1.1 or other patches were guardians unable to overcome for the current playerbase but it sure as hell was harder than this. Fury dps was not a thing, so no meele cleave grps. Currenl caster cleaves dungeon spams were not possible either and there were just small but still interesting nuances to the game that did not allow for whatever is happening on classic right now.

Like players would overcome the obstacles no doubt, but the process would take a lot longer, because a lot less known about previous patches and because it was just not as “tuned” as it is now.