Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


No you’re not. Look at Lupos for example. The pet is useless because the games running on 1.12

Just so you know though. Now you know.


Yes and no.

Nost and other servers went with 1.12 because no fully accurate patch progression of the talents and abilities existed. If they could have done a full vanilla experience with patch by patch progression they would have done their best to recreate it but they lacked the necessary information to do so. If the information was ever provided you would see these servers appear.

What they DID do that Blizzard has not is released (as close to accurate as possible) pre-nerfed versions of the dungeons and raids. Blizzard made no attempt at this and yes it is sad and lazy.


im enjoying it so far, Im playing a warrior so its hard enough for questing. but i do agree dungeon spamming is a bit outta hand and would like to see new players have a chance to need to cc. I believe harder content makes better players and that’s better for the game.


It’s the same in all the ways that matter, you can’t keep playing the ‘i played in vanilla im so cool, it used to be hard and i played then so IM hard too’.
It’s just sad


It is such a poor excuse to say that, “people just weren’t as good back then, we’ve had 15 years” Hardcore players were as dedicated and organized as they are today. Sure, time allows you to try different things, hone your skills, but we pretend like there were just a bunch of chimps with keyboards smashing away. Did i know people who clicked their skills? yeah but they were casuals. Serious guilds like Method who played full time and had guilds farming mats for them were not some scrubs who were just “bad at the game” they crunched numbers, they tried different strategies, etc.

I would agree that more people are probably better now, but to pretend that the clear was faster today because the top tier of players in 2005 were that much worse than the top tier today is just lazy.


100% agree. Vanilla was not good because encounters in raids were hard. It was good because there was value and consequence to your choices. You were guided towards meeting people and playing as a community. If you wanted to solo or be super casual you could do that too and enjoy lvling and exploring


Yea I hate the “everybody is better” defense.

I played mmos in the 90s. I had 50+ macros in Ultima Online. EQ was a pain but it was actually pretty hard(also played on a pvp server). I played these games with people who had the same progression as I did.

By the time WoW came out me and my friends had been gaming online for 5+ years. We weren’t scrubs who couldn’t figure out how to cast lesser ranks to save mana. A lot of the people I played with were good. The game was harder tho.


Who’s playing that exactly? It seems like you just came in here and made up some random statement just because you otherwise lacked anything interesting to say.


Just so you know you’re playing 1.12 exactly how it was 15 years ago. Private servers deliberately increased the difficulty because they had “seasons/resets”. People needed more of a challenge because they were just repeating the same content.


I think the people that played vanilla wow know this.

The problem is the patches leading up to 1.12 made the game significantly easier. So when people say stuff like “classic was a joke” they don’t realize that before those patches some of the dungeons and raids were actually hard. UBRS was a painful 3 hour+ grind with a 15 man?(can’t remmeber if it was 10 or 15) pickup group. LBRS was the same, would take forever.

I wish they would have brought back that classic.

(Xanthak) #265

People need to stop using words like hard and easy. Vanilla was a very straight forward game from the get go. Pre nerf scholo and strath was a pain. But like everything else it was the existence of time spent. Increased Time spent has a snowball affect from needing to farm bis because bosses take longer to die to guild dynamics and player burnout.

In early vanilla, the time to reward ratio was higher. In classic, its very small. Its no surprise that classic in its current form has gone mainstream.


lmao still failing to comprehend English I see, you’re the one who needs to go back and read champ.


UBRS and LBRS were 10 man it was 5 lower then dungeon cap.


I was pretty psyched to get unique pets again but nope–trained pet system and a broken class.


It’s a complete joke how strong Casters are this early in the ‘phases’

They get full spell power gear that rivals BWL just from greens, those greens didn’t come until 2006.

C+ with retuned bosses and 4-6 new abilities each would’ve made the experience a lot closer to how it use to be, in regards to perceived/experienced difficulty.


Do you hear that? …(Nothing)…

that is the sound of all the flying fornications most of us give.


Hear, hear! Solo wanderer here. It’s not as if I’m disconnected from the community, I’m just not in any guild or constantly partied with people. A free spirit within a community! Which is much, much more fun than being a solo player playing through content because that part of the game is practically a ghost town and designed to be a winnable ghost town… looks at retail


Actually, i have had the whole time the feeling, that the mob population is allot less then i remember.
I remember allot areas being so super dense populated with mob … and recently when i quest not every mob is dead already and there you can see it pretty good.


I’ve already explained my pov on this to you in another thread. Yes, they would need to retroactively go back in and make adjustments and yes there is absolutely no one better qualified with more tools to do so than Blizzard who still have people on staff who originally created it.

This doesn’t sit well with me because there are so many inspired and motivated people who would work so hard on a project like this and have done so of their own volition with less information, tools and knowledge resources and Blizzard sits there holding ALL these cards and says “Nope, can’t try.”

It IS sad and lazy. It was easier for them to lay BNet on top of the nerfed product and hit launch. So that’s what you got.


I’d say that the leveling experience is fine. (Save the steamer cleave garbage.) It’s everything at 60 that is…a mess right now. The zerg hasn’t hit 60 yet so they don’t see it and those that never played Vanilla or have no other frame of reference will never see it.

If they manage to go into Onyxia and kill her they’ll go “Wow, that was a tank and spank. People must have been really bad back then.” And feel super awesome and have actually NO idea she’s missing half her mechanics and the ones she has left are watered down.

THIS is the issue. THIS needs fixed.