Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


You’re doing the Lord’s work OP. I wanted to make this post but you beat me to the punch.

I hit 60 and beat MC/Ony week 2 and 3 respectively and I’m just…I’m so demoralized. They got everything so damned wrong. To be honest it makes me wonder if there is still an auidence for private servers at this point because they just seem to care more about at least making an attempt at releasing the raids and bosses in per-nerfed states.

When Ony didn’t conflag me I was just appalled. The fireball didn’t even eat through my ice barrier. I worry tremendously for the later raids and how all this will affect them. I don’t want to see them like this. :frowning:


It is nerfed, you clearly haven’t read any of the patch notes because it was nerfed and we’ve been given the nerfed version instead of the appropriate launch version.


I think only Strath was nerfed and it was only to mob respawn rates and to Baroness’ possession. MC and Onyxia got nerfed but the rest of the raids I don’t think got touched


No you just havent accepted the fact blizzard announced a year ago they would be using 1.12.

Even if they used the launch version, it was still easy. After 15 years of people playing it, its faceroll easy. Its just a time sink.


I remember Vanilla, if the dungeon was Lvl 24-34 players were doing it at Lvl 24. Now, if a dungeon is Lvl 24-34, players wont even get into a group until Lvl 29 0r 30. It’s todays version of doing these dungeons on easy mode, then bragging about how easy it was because you cleared a Lvl 24-34 dungeon at Lvl 35.

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If you are level 24 and your group cleared a dungeon with level 34 mobs, you by definition got carried.

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Yeah it sucks. I was looking forward to harder UBRS and BRD, not to mention the raids.
I’ll take what I can get though, at least we have the world and PvP back.

Personally I think Blizzard did it on purpose, either out of sheer laziness (because it’s not really wow), and let’s face it, they didn’t want classic to outshine the steaming pile of manure that live is atm, it would REALLY show how they’ve failed. Hopefully it will show anyways.


Not when the dungeon is level 24 by definition. Thats my point, in vanilla we were DOING lvl 24-34 dungeons at Lvl 24 and NOT being carried by lvl 35’s which is the standard today in classic. You can’t even get an invite to Gnomer (24-34) until you are Lvl 30 or so. I was easily doing Gnomer in Vanilla at Lvl 25. No problem with that either, just saying…it’s why there is this idea that Classic is too easy. Of course it is.


The Peter Pan Syndrome of this post is depressive


You idiots are finding excuses to not admit that classic was mostly Nostalgia, TBC and Wrath were superior, even APES admits it, and they have YEARS of raiding experience in their backs.

you guys sucked at raiding when teenagers, and thats all!
And yeah, im going to be banned again, but is the true, you guys SUCKED back then, and now you don’t want to admit it, because it will hurt your already fragile egos.

AND I PLAYED On 2.0 AND NO RAIDS OR DUNGEONS WER NERFED, IT WAS ALL THE TALENT CHANGES AND CLASS REMAKES, 2.0 paladins became juggernauts of DPS, Druids became top list, and Warlocks+Shadow Priests were benefited a LOT.


I think an often overlooked aspect of this Vanilla OG wow vs Classic is the technology has gotten better. The biggest hardest boss of Vanilla wow was the DC boss, and his minions, the lag boss. People were playing on Dialup back then and I doubt anybody is doing that now.

Plus, we know the fights (As if there was much to know about Rag…) So on and so forth. I was raiding with a raiding alliance of several guilds hordeside on an RP server, with a bunch of clowns that wanted the Purps, but didn’t want to work for them (Nothing different from retail) WIth a core of about 12-15 of us that did most of the heavy lifting. We didn’t have any fire resist gear when we took down rag in 1.12. We used the fire resist buff from Blackrock, and druid buffs, and shaman fire resist totems. We even had a couple of lowbie shammies with us, just for the totem buffs, and they could toss out a chain heal. It took us a bit, and we were in dungeon blues and so forth, but it could easily be done back then. If it was possible to down Rag back then, with a bunch of clowns that wanted to be carried (Autoshooting Hunters and Wanding Casters) then it is more than possible to do today, especially with the better tech and knowledge that people have, and years of doing hardmode on the private servers.

If you compare it to other MMO’s of the time, WoW was easymode. No deleveling on death? LOL! That was the response those of us that played it got from others we used to play with. But here Wow is, where most of those other ones have faded into obscurity.


Since the start of this project I was against a simple all in one patch 1.12.1 solution. I said no that’s lazy. They basically copied Nostalrius’ schema. 1.12.1 with phases. I said no, roll it out in the various patches as it was done from 04-06. That way it retained it’s difficulty. But no, Blizzard went lazy mode. Now endgame is a complete joke and the project reeks of “better than average private server.” Oh well, it’s what we got. :expressionless:


And you haven’t accepted reality that 1.12 is the nerf patch. But then it seems basic reading comprehension is beyond you.


Ahh another fool who is incapable of comprehending all the nerfs in the documented patch notes. Well done for not having a clue at all.


Here we go with “just nostalgia” again. I think Classic is a success to anyone except the haters. Go back to retail and relieve all that pain.


Im playing classic, and im having a blast after all these years.

What blizzard did to Darkshore, Stonetalon, Ashenvale, Westfall and STV is a crime, Azshara is still a comfy zone, cata ruined it.

exploring all of those zones made me miss them even more.
I MISSED BUFFING people as a paladin for fahcks sake, knowing which blessing, the sweet holy light rank for healing, the fast switchseal from TBC BElves that WORKS in classic and it isn’t a bug and even more.

And im loving doing dungeons once again, i HATED every single minute of BFA dungeons and late Legion.

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Classic was more grinding and time consuming, there was nothing hard about it at all. WoW was designed for fun breaking the mold of the true hard MMOs such as EQ and AoC to name a few. So get over it and stop acting like it was something it was not.


The only “nerfs” are in dungeons way beyond your level btw.

Go back and read again champ.


There is no version of Classic that would be challenging. If you think there is the only thing challenged is your mental capacity.

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I honestly believe that Blizzard is intentionally shortening the lifespan of classic. Keep in mind that Blizzard has a BFA agenda.


I guess it’s all a matter of perspective… I’ve been having a reasonably engaging, challenging time. But then I go back and forth between solo travel and hunting and occasionally grouping up. I’m having an easier time NOW but that’s mainly because I’ve outleveled the general Goldshire area but am still hanging around doing quests while I occasionally meander into other zones to do a few quests before Hearthstoning back. Part of the reason I’m doing this is that I enjoy the non-railroady aspect of this game.

I suppose it’s worth noting that for as “easy” as World of Warcraft Classic is compared to original vanilla, it’s still a substantial jump up in challenge and overall “the climb uphill is a long one” factor compared to the core leveling content of other MMOs, so after playing quick-and-easy-rush-to-endgame for so long, it’s easy to experience World of Warcraft Classic and just be like “HOLY WOW, THIS PART OF THE GAME IS ACTUALLY… A GAME.”

I am curious about what it would be like to play the game at its pre-1.12 balance, though. Perhaps Blizzard thought that would be a little too much for the average consumer these days…