Just resubbed... Best pvp classes?

I’m a heavy pvp player. What are currently the best pvp dps classes?

In the context of BGs(because I pay attention), the ranged classes do really well.

destro lock in all functions of the game


Yup, pretty much any of the ranged classes will work well in “most” bg conditions/environments. Melee is fine in little bgs, but they do face a disadvantage in the larger 40-man bgs.

Ranged is the safest bet for a casual bg player.

Context is really important. I think melee has to worry about coordination, because if they’re by themselves they can do no good. To that end, melee classes that can just turn off damage would be ideal as the best picks. Ret, Havoc, UHDK, etc.

Melee gets kited a lot even in little bgs, it’s very noticeable whenever I take my Warrior into a bg. Kite kite kite, run away run away run away, slow slow slow, kite some more :man_facepalming:

Meanwhile, on a Hunter or Boomkin it’s quite easy to continue doing decent damage regardless of where the enemy players are.

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there is no context needed. fire mage is best for bgs with no gear because you sit in the back and gpy. i was topping bg dmg charts on a 400 ilvl fire mage with 98% of my dmg being from greater pyroblast. but destro is the undisputed king. they have tons of cc that are different drs, they do the most damage, they are the hardest to kill, and the require nearly 0 mechanical skill to kill people. they can fully set themselves up or peel for themselves, they can kick people that arent in their los and you could play the class on an xbox controller and no one could tell the diff



How are classes looking in shadowlands? I’m looking to level up a toon more for the new expension and less for bfa.

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warrior gained the most on paper in terms of arena, enhance got some nice love but still fundamentally flawed, shadow will be monsters if their overtuned and prob b tier if they arent since blizz doesnt know what to do with them, sub might crawl out of the grave since they got some really nice quality of life changes. they havent done any tuning so its hard to tell but for dps arms and rogues seem the best/most improved on paper. can never count out destro or mages though. Legion was arcane and bfa was fire so we will have to see what pops up next for them but destro has been a terror in the arena for the last 2 expansions. even with all the years of PTSD affliction has caused people are praying for an affliction expansion just to get a reprieve from destro

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If you just resub you pretty much can’t pvp sadly.
Let me explain why, you will most likely be at lvl 1 clock meaning you would need to farm over 40k ehos just to catch up to others than another ××× amount more to buy the right corruption for your class. You will either try to farm all these stuff and get burnt out and quit or farm it slow and get done by the time shadowlands out and then it’s all gone.


melee: DH (can slobber and play this class with an xbox one controller), Rogue (if you want to be an absolute troll)
range: Fire Mage (Gpies and Instant delete combustion) , Destro Lock (I think you already know).

That’s all I can think of!

Gushing wounds spec for high sustained damage.
Ineffable truth spec for rapid cooldown return.
Honed Mind spec for big one-off burst.
And a few others.

These are the best pvp specs, atm.

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Do yourself a favor and play dh for melee or destro for ranged.

If you really want to faceroll as DPS, my top 3 are:

  1. Demon Hunter (Honestly the best class in all areas of the game at the moment)
  2. Assassination Rogue (Usually not going to top leaderboards in BGs but are amazing for utility and single target burst with the right corruptions)
  3. Fire Mage (Very powerful abilities that can kill geared people even when you yourself have low gear levels. And you have a lot of cc to stay alive and support your teammates.)

For healers, go paladin or monk. They’re easy to play and have powerful cooldowns to keep people alive.

A lot of people complain about warlocks on here. Yes, they do a lot of damage when allowed to free cast, but they are easily shut down by melee due to their lack of mobility. They are overpowered gods against people who don’t know how to PVP, but against people who do, it’s one of the most stressful classes to be playing.


Just go Fire mage and spam Gpies. Then on your 2nd monitor watch your favorite anime.

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DH. This class is stupid.

Prot Pal mastery build. It’s like Glad stance in WoD and you should lead BGs in Damage and Healing as well as KBs.

At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read your post.


That’s why they are dominating every level in arena ?


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It’s true though, I’ve tried to play alts and it feels almost impossible to catch up