Just remove solo shuffle

:confounded: :confounded: :confounded:
a certain DH that posts on here frequently comes to mind. cant say his name though cause gets all salty :blush:

Just make it unrated again for season 2, just for farming honor.

Don’t play it lmao

The serious PvPers can get their ratings from 2s n 3s, solo shuffle allows us casuals to easily cap honor for vault and conquest.


Love it. Grinded 200 games for my 900 rating.


Superior? Lmao. What? I wish I was a 1600 player every season too. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/sargeras/arthurxx/achievements/feats-of-strength/player-vs-player


Looks like they did as we figured they would.

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This is quite the degenerate thread.

No thanks. I like solo shuffle. It’s a meme, but it’s nice to not have to form a group to play the game.

When the leaver issue is (at least somewhat) resolved, I think it’ll be a lot better

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Funny part is , it’s not fixed. Lmao. They are only changing the CR and MMR.

They’re moving in the right direction.

MMR not dropping is the crux of the problem, and they’re addressing it.

This along with potential account suspensions seems like a good answer to me.

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That’s okay. You can just walk in and just press all your buttons and die. So then you’re still playing right? Yeah doesn’t fix the problem. Banning accounts is a horrible way of dealing with it.

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Easy, there bud. All of the people complaining in here right now are hard stuck 1500 players that are mad they can’t climb in shuffle because they have to play with bad players. When they can pay… I mean get groups in 3v3 they always get better rating thus proving shuffle is a flawed concept that provides no value. It definitely hasn’t brought multiple times more people back to the game to arena than the busted 5 LFG groups there were before.


Look at his achievements , he is 1600 every season. Lmao.

I dont think there should be a punishment for leaving.

Sometimes i cant be asked to fight into a spriest demo lock havoc dh resto druid pres evoker lobby

That’s gameplay sabotage, and is also against the TOS. People would then report that player behavior.

Blizzard can’t control what players do. They can however create an environment in which there are warnings and deterrents for unintended behavior, which is what they’re doing.

Interesting. I’d say banning people who intentionally abuse game mechanics and make the experience worse for other players is a perfect solution. I certainly don’t want these players in my lobby


What if I have 250ms and can’t play? This happened to me twice last night when I made this post. I shouldn’t be on OCE servers.

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This guy 1 tapped Venruki from 80% hp last night

They can’t ban someone for pressing all their buttons and dying, that’s exactly what arena is right now for shuffle! Lmao. What?

Stop being disingenuous. It’s obvious what you were talking about.

In lieu of leaving, run into combat and press buttons without actually trying.

This is sabotage.

Clearly, I have to press all my buttons and then die because I don’t get healed. Yeah I’m sure sabotaging gameplay.

I’ve gone through solo shuffles where players literally do not press their interrupt one time in six rounds. That feels like gameplay sabotage, but they just aren’t good at pressing that button.

No shot blizzard EVER bans for that, it would be so hard to figure out.