Just remove solo shuffle

Just remove it already. Horrible addition to the game.

Edit: Post was made prior to changes. Listed down below at the bottom there is 5 reasons why solo shuffle needs major changes for it to be enjoyable for the players. Not just PvP mains, but the casuals too. I want everyone to enjoy the game. Solo shuffle is not how arena is paced imo. It’s very out of sync compared to how arena usually feels in 3s.


finally a solo shuffle post i can get behind


It just needs removed already. It’s garbage. People are abusing the system in many different ways. & back peddling at 2100 mmr. It’s not even actual arena vibe. It’s just mashing 123 & clueless people running around LOL.


how about no? why are all your post so bad?


Because I can make them? Why are you wasting your time commenting? Lmao. Makes sense right?

you literally never make any sense.


Look at me and my duelist 2100 title from solo shuffle. LMFAO.

yes pls remove

dhs in LFG like " 2200 SOLO SHUFF XP LF GLAD PUSH"

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ranked solo was never going to work. we said it was never going to work and was actually going to hurt the game because it was going to siphon people out of 2s and 3s. and all the issues we said were going to happen happened + even worse problems. just doesnt work in wows arena format. when you have 1700 career challenger players getting duelist and elite off solo while sitting at 1500 in 3s with a negative win rate and 300 games played you have a problem


but youre a career rival?

I killed a 2400 monk in 0.3s in 2s when he qued double dps. Talk about carried much. Hahahah. Yeah this won’t work out. I’m pretty much done Qing it. I’ll go q3s instead of dealing with terrible players.

clearly since this mog isnt an elite mog from before they dropped it to 1800. rivalgang

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you people are cringe lords. especially this male human paladin.


So because you won’t play it, it should be removed? Makes sense.


Oh look here! He’s calling people cringe lords! Oh no! We must all hail to a duelist title player from solo shuffle! Imagine having a title on with 2100 people pressing s key.

RSS is DOA. Nobody wants to wait long queues just for someone to leave when they get dumped on.

Yeah 35-45 mins for an average que then someone leaves, or I leave for being 200ms on oce yeah real enjoyable. Lmao.

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you flame rating but got 2400 in a prepatch calm down

Rating is locked in pre patch.

you can still get rating achievs 2k 2200 2400 in prepatch you just cant get duelist glad