Just remove solo shuffle

Buddy, rating is locked in pre patch. I don’t know what world you’re in. Therefore, achievements for the season do not unlock during pre patch. Anyone else need to explain things to you?

you should maybe do some research

People could still get achievements in prepatch. Saw people getting 2700 during BfA prepatch as double MM

I think you need to do some research. You can unlock any rating achievement but season achievements do not unlock.

oh kind of like i said… interesting

Okay, thank you for your time.

Solo shuffle is great when friends are not online.


yea i wish i could get it back. didnt realize i was talking to someone who couldnt read or found out they didnt know what they were talking about and tried to back track and failed miserably… cant tell which and dont really care to find out

Okay warrior. Thank you so much.

I did 4 rss tonight and of the 4 3 were toxic arena players,please remove.

hehe never going to heal it

I have healed some, it’s the same in both directions imo.

If the ayer base dosen’t want it get rid of it

Until LFG stops having people leave after one loss, has non glads looking for glads, ragers and impatient people, etc I am going to have to hard pass on this. Keep it in.


I agree the arena players dont want it so remove it

Arena players are too toxic


Ok so after 6 rss ive decided to quit cause i wont continue to be tunneled be dh, warrior,paladin,shaman,rogue and then be told i suck.Enjot the ques is all i can day


Don’t play it?

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You can say pretty much the exact same thing about random bgs. Should we remove random bgs, too?


Update: since this post has been made I have had 3 matches where someone has left, and no it was not me. 2100mmr