Just... lol I don't even care anymore after this

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Holy crap that’d be amazing.

So basically trail of ruin with a free blade dance?

You guys should literally stop wanting anything to do with Sinful Brand.

It’ll only harm us more in the long run.

Instead you should hope for a baseline damage buff (because our skills barely do any damage) and for Sinful Brand to go away and never return.


This being linked over the CC thread so that in hopes we get something from Blizzard in terms of Communication

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this playstyle is fine but the numbers are not and im not sure i would want to take that talent, the point of the short dot with the free blade dance is to aplly the dots before you eyebeem to build them up if you are venth, right now our only decient pulls are with meta landing dots even then might get beat by locks and such, then all other pulls for 3min is tank damage

thats one thing i really hate about the new trees is constantly swapping just to aoe or st, guess you could arge whats the point of talents then and id say either to change the style slightly but keep the same effect or great question why do we even have to bother with them why can’t the classes just have all the options they need in the situations…

all these trail of ruin, noone wants to take that talent you just want to spread out the dot at the start of combat it should be baked in in general, maybe 2sec and ruin makes it 7 incase your not a venthy for…whatever reason

I think one way to clean up our damage a little is anything over 30seconds does instant damage tho i see that overvalueing darkglare too much. kinda silly when you get a good run of things and get to 45sec and if its not a boss with slight downtime moments you don’t really get rewarded for it, really funny in torgast got to 5 minites before but was only doing 37k with all the buffs, seen several classes do over 100 when they get their best ones. it wouldn’t affect pvp much because who is just going to sit there and let you build over 30 sec uninterupted…

I would complain about how keeping sinful brand up is super boring. I’d personally be fine with that being the best build if first blood was at least within 1-3%.

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There would be 4x more people in this forum trolling you would be the only difference.

I made my first ever DH last week. I remember everyone loving them back in Legion. They seemed super fun, mobile, unique. Little did I know that at max level I’d be forced to go Venthyr and my whole DPS existence was based around Sinful. So lame.


Oh goodness, poor child you missed 9.0 through 9.1.5 where you were forced to play Night Fae for maximum performance.

What the hell was the difference between that and now?

Also, how is this different from any other class? 70% of all Fire Mages use the same two Leggos for the Raid, and 96% use the same leggos on M+, again 70% use the exact same talents. Destruction Warlocks look the same too.

What’s the difference between a Destro Warlock and a Havoc DH then, they both almost always use the same talents, leggos, soulbind. But what’s the difference this season that has Warlocks so happy but Demon Hunters so sad? It’s almost like placement on the ladder means more than people are letting on.

For starters, Warlocks and Mages have three DPS specs. DH only has one DPS spec, and ONE viable competitive build.

Fun? That’s the difference. Got a huge m+ pull coming up and sinful / meta is down? You might as well just afk. Got any important pull coming up and sinful /meta is down? Might as well just go afk. Most people want to have fun but also have meaningful contribution towards the group’s goal.

The placement on the ladder is a means of supporting the claims that people have been making.

Even if DH was top of the ladders, playing around Sinful uptime sucks. It forces you to adhere to your primary target as much as possible to ensure high uptime, greatly punishes your DPS if you let it drop and the wait for the CD to come back up, etc. Its not that fun.

Now I see why you’re getting roasted in every thread you enter.


The only reason Havoc was not part of the primary Meta in this past Season was the fact that two DPS specs were over-powered beyond the point where Chaos Brand+Lower DPS made more sense.

With Windwalker getting a 5% nerf to their primary AoE attack and Surv getting an even larger nerf, it will make a lot more sense to go with Havoc as the third DPS with Mage, and Warlock as the primary.

Blood Death Knight, Restoration Shaman (Holy Priest?), Fire Mage, Destruction Warlock, and Havoc Demon Hunter will show very well next season, possibly being considered a meta build. Havoc may not match the Mage or Warlock for direct damage, but will easily if not entirely surpass the Mage and Warlock when you factor Chaos Brand’s impact on the DPS done by everyone in the group.

Imagine wanting to play a damage dealer when creating a demon hunter but instead being forced to play a support role.


i know why people like the hunt but i personally prefer single brand i like having it for prio dmg. i personally hate the hunt. i also dont dps alot so those dont effect me all that much. but i feel there should be an option to be able to get one or the other but not both.

Sinful Brand should disappear and be forgotten for the rest of the times, I hated that they said that it is “preferred gameplay” when it’s pretty obvious that it isn’t, at least they are removing it and I hope they learn that we are not a DoT class, don’t rework Sinful Brand, just delete it.