Just... lol I don't even care anymore after this

This was in the first Alpha Post

Out of all the OTHER CLASS CHANGES… We get this:


Ya’ll must really think this is funny. @Blizzard… At least we’re getting The Hunt and not Sinful Brand…


I think that blizzard has no idea what to do with this class, they will only put the powers that we already have with old legendary with conduits from this expansion and they will not do anything else.
I hope it’s not that way but I already lost faith after waiting 2 years for something good from this class.

This alone, is a sign of things to come, did you see that datamined list? all the changes the other classes got we get a buff to our glide… Like… Im ready to throw hands at this point


i see blizard, he has not post anything, I think they will bring out the new talents in the last moment. with the new race dhs being least played class if they don’t fix it xd.

with this improved glide, i will be unstoppable


I would be shocked if they actually have anyone on the team that actively plays a DH. It has been pretty clear from they direction they have been taking with the class that they really don’t understand how it plays.


Guaranteed, if Havoc was #1 DPS in Raid/M+ almost none of you would be complaining about how it plays.

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That doesn’t change the fact they don’t have the first clue what to do with the class. Hell if we were #1, it wouldn’t be due to great design and more the result of them constantly improving the “all damage” aura they tweak when they are out of ideas.


You know what they say about making assumptions? Havoc can be in a good spot and there can still be discussion about how a class plays or feels to play. Just because something does good damage doesn’t mean it’s fun or that it shouldn’t be changed.


Like any class that is the best, it will never complain, what stupid comments you make in all the posts xd you don’t even play the character and you already say it’s fine.


most likely they buff glide to match dracthyr glide :slight_smile: why dh should be the only class having access to glide when you can give it to dracthyr

To each their own, but I do not agree. I shifted away from havoc as my main at the start of the expansion. And while I still play it regularly, it has been the iteration I enjoy the least–regardless of tuning.

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I’ve not yet seen one post here that discussed how the class played that didn’t include suggestions, or requests to buff a specific style of play.

It’s one thing to not like juggling a single target DoT for the majority of a fight, it’s an entirely different kettle of fish (and stinks as such) to attempt to use that general dissatisfaction to request that a middle of the pack DPS spec needs to receive significant buffs/changes when compared to broken top DPS specs.

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Yes because it’s completely reasonable to say “I don’t like this playstyle” and then give 0 ways to improve it. That makes a lot of sense. You don’t really do content at a high enough level to make a good argument either way about it though

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We’re only complaining about how it plays now because of Sinful carrying the rest of our damage. The rest our abilities hit like wet noodles

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Buff Blade Dance or make it add a moderate DoT to all mobs it hits. That would help a lot in AOE. In ST, we are just screwed right now since all our DPS comes from the Venthyr DoT. For ST, they need to significantly increase our base damage. They also need to buff Meta, or just change what it does. It’s such a weak cooldown. I would say make Meta have an explosive effect when we land that does high dmg to all mobs, scaling with the number of mobs so that it remains effective in ST.


the true fix, sinfull brand is a passive, blade dance puts sinfull brand dot 3-4 seconds on all targets hit. when out of combat get a charge to make your first blade dance free

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But either a class can be super good and not great to play or it’s super fun but not great. But being both unfun to play and not good is just troll.

Trail of Ruin… Just buff it 100% along with Blade Dance period. Blade Dance should be our Bread and Butter with the class, Chaos Strike should be filler and Eye Beam for short burst windows. Like I’m all for First Blood being baseline and Trail of Ruin being a nice 4 to 5 second dot, at the end of the day Blade Dance is an AoE ability, Trail gets applied on all targets hit. Not just the 1. That’s perfect in my opinion, it just needs a little boost in the damage section, also change its damage school from Chaos Damage to Fire Damage, since I feel that’s where Blizzard is going with this whole The Hunt change that was leaked out.

Change Blade Dances school to fire as well, also add talents LIKE Deadly Dance that gives us 10/20/30% Proc chance to reset Blade Dance, what was the original Tier Set? 15%? Yeah, that would work out great. Uncap its damage, because that’s just gonna hurt us more than help us to be honest. Revolving Blades needs to be a talent as well, give it 3 points and it further increases Blade Dances damage, mind you this is not towards First Blood, this towards the AoE damage.

I feel like these changes alone would make Blade Dance super fun to play and allows us to stack Haste and Mastery out the wazoo. That is, if they change our Mastery…

I would think with a talent tree design that First Blood might be opposite to the talents which boost Blade Dance’s AE damage.

That would be my goal, to have the player choose between accentuating single target or area damage, and self preservation or group utility.

So were I designing the trees, First Blood and Revolving Blades would be a choice node. And you the player would choose one or the other, save it as a template, and load accordingly prior to the encounter.