Just got into the beta


They are on pacific time which is currently 7:40 AM


You know I honestly don’t remember ever seeing CE pets and what not in Vanilla. There must not have been many out there.

Surely I would remember seeing a min Diablo. I mean it’s a freaking mini Diablo…


oh ok… so your saying I need to randomly check again for the 146,752nd time in about 20 minutes.

Ok, thanks Grad!


You didn’t see non-combat pets a lot period because they took up precious bag space to carry them around.


Who is saying that? This guy claims he just got invite and I’m telling you it’s probably a troll because it’s only 7 AM in California…


True, I considered that too


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTYxx4oFM78 gonna test the strafing animations first!


Lol ooooooh ok. I’m with you now.


(Summerayné) #30

I don’t think these people are trolling. They have been doing rolling invites. People have been reporting getting invites since last night.

Who’s to say they don’t have a system setup to automatically send out a wave at a certain time? Plus, it’s closed beta and early in the process of it yet. I wouldn’t doubt if they have some people working around the clock.


Well where is mine…>_>


At least you got the pet :wink:


wondering this too Blizzard


I’m forcing myself to pass on trying to get a beta spot as well as the stress tests. When THE DAY arrives, I want it to be fresh and shiny and new all over again.


Like this?


I’m starting to actually consider subbing for a chance at an invite.

Must resist. Must not give in. ahhhhhhhh


A lot of us have been playing for a while, too…


It’s supposedly automated.

(Summerayné) #39

Well, where is mine also? lol

I don’t have one yet either and this account is from 2005. From what I have saw, most people are saying they are sending out invites to the early Vanilla accounts. But this account is from late 2005. Just waiting like many others here. But I don’t think these people are trolling. There has been quite a few get in since last night.

(Curufinwe) #40

Nostalgia hit hard on that opening screen! Got in a few minutes before work; surprised I got in beta when I saw no blizz email this morning.


Well they let that Skittex guy in so it must be