Just got into the beta


Been playing since vanilla, and I was in the open beta as well. Pretty happy blizzard rewards loyalty. I’m a dedicated gamer, and I will bug test the crap out of it.

(Apprehended) #2

I got in also this morning.

And bro, I don’t even stream.


NICE! Hope you have fun!


lies, I’ve heard many times that ONLY streamers get to play this beta. There was even a thread about how its effecting the mental health of the community.

So I don’t believe you.



I have only been crying for 20 plus hours. It’s not effecting me at all. Even quit my job.


Sigh still haven’t rewarded my loyalty…


I mean, obviously. Who hasn’t totally shut down their life for a small chance at a closed beta?

The gall of people who aren’t spending every waking moment refreshing their bnet launcher waiting for that invite, they make me sick…


literally no one cares.


I care lol


My friend is having a mental break down. It really sucks. It’s a big yikes from me hommie. It’s like we dont even exist. Thanos wans’t wrong!


wow zoomer memes are real



AHHEM, congrats and have fun. Get dem bugs in!


I sense the ree within you… Let it out


Not like there’s millions of other people who have been playing for 10+ years or anything.


Been here since 04i own the 04 collectors edition… Not like there’s tons of us still playing, us being the 04 collectors edition


Nobody cares about the “collectors Edition” people, Datbubbledoe. We put you in with that weird role playing crowd. You know, on that server waaaaaaaaaaaay over there.

We only care about those of us that didn’t get a beta invite that have been loyal since 04 but not over the top loyal like you.

Right guys?


I really don’t think they send out beta invites at 7am

(Curt) #19

Can you please test strafing animations? Some people reported that instead of strafing it looks like some rts. Some bug probably?


you mean at 9:21 am


Shush pleb can’t hear you over my mini Diablo