Just got into the beta

I don’t think these people are trolling. They have been doing rolling invites. People have been reporting getting invites since last night.

Who’s to say they don’t have a system setup to automatically send out a wave at a certain time? Plus, it’s closed beta and early in the process of it yet. I wouldn’t doubt if they have some people working around the clock.

Well where is mine…>_>

At least you got the pet :wink:

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wondering this too Blizzard

I’m forcing myself to pass on trying to get a beta spot as well as the stress tests. When THE DAY arrives, I want it to be fresh and shiny and new all over again.

Like this?


I’m starting to actually consider subbing for a chance at an invite.

Must resist. Must not give in. ahhhhhhhh

A lot of us have been playing for a while, too…


It’s supposedly automated.

Well, where is mine also? lol

I don’t have one yet either and this account is from 2005. From what I have saw, most people are saying they are sending out invites to the early Vanilla accounts. But this account is from late 2005. Just waiting like many others here. But I don’t think these people are trolling. There has been quite a few get in since last night.

Nostalgia hit hard on that opening screen! Got in a few minutes before work; surprised I got in beta when I saw no blizz email this morning.

Well they let that Skittex guy in so it must be

Haha, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

I had not noticed that. Thank you lol

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I ‘had’ the pets. Unfortunately, my original Vanilla / BC account got the perma-banhammer in late BC (for infractions that they give out month suspensions for now)… I was sad to see that there would not be a true ‘classic collector’s edition’ that would give you the original pets in Classic.

Well there was about 8 million people from back in the day before the launch of TBC so your probably # 7,898,562 on the list. Hopefully there will be enough layers to fit you in.

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As a reminder to everyone. Don’t wait for an email. Check the dropdown menu in your launcher above the “play” button or your account. Many aren’t getting emails or are being very delayed.

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Well, I started playing about a year after launch, so I should be a bit higher on that list lol. This account isn’t at the end of Vanilla or right before BC launch. I had two characters to 60 before BC and raided on both. On a druid for a while and then a warlock for some time.

Regardless, I will get in when I get in, or not. It is what it is.


lucky :stuck_out_tongue: you have the right attitude though, and i love that you plan to bug test the crap out of it.

Classic will be as good as we testers help make it be. The devs need help catching bugs before it launches and creates catastrophy.

Help them out if you get in, like the OP. grats tho.

Hopefully i get in, but blizz may be punishing me for unsubbing 2 months back from BFA :frowning: (totally kidding btw about that part)

A few months ago I did see someone with Diablo out with them, was really cool but before that it had been since wrath that I seen anyone with one of three pets… Much sadness

Perma-banned and still playing. Now that is loyalty! :nerd_face: