Just Curious: Will Void Elves Be Given Normal Hair Options?

That’s not a thing.

There are already a few hairstyles that don’t have the tentacles.

People need to remember this update was not to give the Alliance High Elves, it was to give Void Elves more customization.


If not for Horde Favoritism, Alliance would have been given High Elves. :slight_smile:

I recently played the Blood Elf starting zone. This is just untrue. As the Blood Elf player, I just go and murder the Dwarf guy and his Night Elf companions.

Admittedly yeah, the Dwarf was investigating the Blood Elves. But, this was done solely because of the rumors that the Blood Elves had been openly using Fel magic. Every faction, even amongst allies, have agents investgating each other. That’s just basic politics and diplomacy.

And I’m sorry that the Alliance had limited resources and couldn’t send aid over half a continent, through Scourge infested lands?

Stormwind was busy dealing with the Defias uprising, and in conflict with the Blackrocks.
Ironforge was being in conflict with the Dark Irons and Blackrocks.
Darnassus was in conflict with the Horde and Dire Maul Ogres. And on the other side of the world.
And Gnomeregan had completely collapsed as a nation.

You could make an argument for perhaps aid from the Wildhammer Dwarves, but they had completely secluded themselves, similar to Gilneas. Not to mention, were dealing with Trolls in the Hinterlands.

And again, besides, the Blood Elves had both the Western and Eastern Plaguelands between them and the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms, and almost nobody was nearby, as all the Alliance forces in the area got wiped out by, or were in current conflict with, the Forsaken.


Source? The Silver Covenant still exists.

Outplayed meme. :confused:


The Garithos incident? For someone that knows so much, you don’t know that?

You mean the guy that the Alliance disowned?


Blood Elves are getting Blue Hair so it’s only fair Void Elves get another more normal shade.

White, Platinum Blond, and Bown would work.

They are gettin black and they should have had white hair from the start.

Platinum Blond is just a desaturated Blond.


No, they shouldn’t. There needs to be separation between the two races to give people a reason to stick with a race versus just switching sides because they can have everything on the other side.

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There’s a chance but I really do doubt it as I’d imagine the choice to not give them blood elf hairstyles, and colors was a deliberate one. What little distinctions do exist between the Void elves and Blood elves is likely to remain, and I suspect even accentuated to better facilitate which visual themes still set the two races apart.

Meaning more dark, and shaggy hairstyles (possibly with a stronger emphasis on tentacles) that better reflect their relationship with the void, and more regal, and bright hairstyles for the Blood elves that better reflect their theme revolving the Sun, and light.

tl:dr, Garithos was a jerk, but his own jerk not a Lordaeron or Stormwind jerk

Garithos was put in command because he was cut off from Lordaeron and was the highest military leader in the area. There was some favoritism in play also because of his father, but to be blunt, he really wasn’t part of the alliance per se. Garithos created his own alliance, he wasn’t part of the Lordaeron or Stormwind alliances.

As far as Garithos himself, he was terribly racist and blamed the belfs for the death of his family when a band of orcs broke off and destroyed his town.

Yes, Garithos set the belfs up to die as a retaliation for the death of his family, yes he wanted to destroy them when he found out that belfs were working with the naga. But he was almost as bad with the dwarves, only caring about anything happening to them, when he needed them to fight for him.

Not trying to defend Garithos, but put him where he belongs, his own alliance, not the other two.


We actually don’t know that yet. I mean, I’ll be surprised if they are shared, but I won’t outright say it isn’t going to happen, not when I never thought the skin thing would happen in the first place. Blizzard may just decide to go ham and share it all.

But if on the off-chance they do… I really hope Blood Elves get the non-tentacle hair styles from Void Elves and also get the San’layn/Dark Ranger NPC eyes and skins too.


Yes please!

There’s no customization i want more than Dark Ranger options!

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To be honest… I hope if the hair share thing happens… that even the tentacle hair styles are shared with Blood Elves sans the tentacles. I mean, I get that would actually require work compared to just sharing the non-tentacle hairstyles that currently exist, but there are some really nice ones with tentacles, especially for the females that I would like to have on my Blood Elf priest.

A version of those without the tentacles for Blood Elves would be really great IMO. Especially coupled with red eyes and San’layn skin for an uber gothic vampire elf!

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I agree.

My Velf Warlock uses that one female hairstyle that has the tentacles going over the shoulders in the front. Id love to have that hairstyle for some of my Belf characters.

You’re using lore to try and explain a meta descision. Nothing the Alliance did compares to trolls terrorizing Quel’thalas for millenia, orcs and elves fighting against each other in bitter wars, etc.

They gave blood elves to the Horde because the Horde was a dying and pathetic faction. Then they created lore to justify that choice.

It’s why it also makes no sense to act like high elfers are being unreasonable by asking for high elves. Smugly saying that we can’t have high elves or high elf customization because blood elves are a “Horde” race is disingenuous and ignoring lore.


Hopefully. They don’t need to be carbon copies. THey could very well give the “High Elves” their own normal non-void hair that we just haven’t seen yet. Blood Elves are getting the Void Elf beard so there could be some cosmetic swaps between them. It would be nice to see the Void/High Elves get a few other unique nonvoid options though.


I would assume yes. The whole point of the new options is to let void elves who are former queldorei and sindorei and just trained their void powers in Telogrus, look like Alleria. Obviously that requires hair colors and not just skin colors.

Blood elves have updos. If they want to keep a differentiator, they could reserve the updos for blood elves, and have the void elves all wear their hair down.

(Commentary): Personally, I’d rather see Void Elves get hairstyles from Alliance races instead. Female Kul Tiran hairstyles are all pretty great, and Night Elf hairstyles would fit the Void Elves pretty good as well. That way they’re not at least taking hairstyles from the Blood Elves as well. That having been said, if they get Blood Elf hairstyles as well, that’s fine too.


Blizz gave Void Elves to the alliance specifically to make the helfer crowd happy and somehow you twist it to be some kind of horde favoritism.

Anything Taylor Swift should clearly be used for blood elves, not void elves.

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I would prefer if we got new hairstyles instead. We are sharing our blue eyes with BE and we are getting their skin tones, sharing the hairstyles would make us identical. But whatever.